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Today I tried to open up to my class, cos yeah, it may be my prob that people dont like me.
But I realised, that with my current class, it's no use.
Even my ex classmate from 04 who's now in the same class as me, says that no one likes me.
She even hinted that one of the netballers doesn't like me, and wouldn't want to have anything to do with me.
Oh gosh, so many 'me's. Whoops :X
I feel so tired.
I don't want to think that it's because of myself anymore.
Why do I have to suffer so much because of what they think?
So what if they don't like me.
But well, even though I say that, I'm still care very much about what they think.
That's just the way I am.
Caring too much about how others feel, not caring enough for my own feelings.
Hah. If only I could have the mindset of not giving a fuck.

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11:59 PM
Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Bloody hell.
Here's another crying post.
Yes, I'm crying. Damn the tear glands.
Well, anyhow, I'm really really fucking upset.
Firstly, my class is doing some CIP stuff and the carnival thing...
But I wasn't informed of anything.
That just makes me feel like, they didn't need me.
I mean, fine, sure. You may not need me, but at least tell me something.
We're supposed to be a class.
This is why I was so pissed when I found out we were gonna be reshuffled.
Even if I may not have that many friends, 04 was definitely one of the best classes I was ever in.
They made me feel safe, secured, happy.
Then another problem aroused.
Someone, or rather, an asshole, went to publicly humiliate me.
Posted all kinds of stuff around the fucking school.
Damn it.
I really really hate school life now.
I really do.

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11:42 PM
Friday, April 20, 2012

Today was kinda sad. 
My classmates are, as usual, ignorant of my existence. 
They didn't even include me in the activities that we were supposed to do together :(
It really broke my heart.
Then on the way home, I decided to walk along that path.
Yeap. That path that he would take me when walking me home.
It brought back memories that were bitter sweet, but I'm glad he's happy now.
8 years man. What'd you expect. It's not easy. Not when we were childhood friends.
Hah. I don't even know why I'm so attached to him. It's not like we even held hands when we were 'dating'.
But that doesn't change the fact that I forgive him for forgetting my birthday and dumping me on the same day.
Just thinking about it makes me feel so hurt.
Sighhh, aw well. Gonna continue with my "Moving On" stage xD 
It's already been like, 2 years? Since 14th March 2010. Sighhh. 
Liked him for 8 years, dated for 3 months. Didn't even have an anniversary.
So much for my first relationship. :'D

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12:06 AM
Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Haiz, talked to my mum just now, and she says that I will need to go to the hospital for some check ups again.
Terrible terrible health issues. Such a pain.
After some persuasion from 2 of my guy friends, I've decided to have another talk with my girlfriend.
(No, I'm not lesbian. Call me Bi if you want, but I'm definitely not lesbian.)
So far, life's been tough, being picked on in school just because you're not smart enough, being left out because you aren't a "popular" kid.
The efforts you put in to appeal to the majority have all gone to waste, just because you aren't their type. Well, fuck that. I'm not gonna waste my life on doing something for someone when they're not gonna even appreciate the fact that I tried. Though it really does hurt to be ignored, I'm not gonna stoop to that level just to get attention. I'm better than that. I know I am.

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1:00 AM
Tuesday, April 17, 2012