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hihi :D Long time no post. Anyway, today, I played bb wif Jojo, Qian Qian, Kel , Ken Ken, Jan, Lin lin, Fathimah, Yan yan,Hui Xuan, JJ, Yoke Wei (not sure how to spell), Leo-something and some sec 1 or 2s at Qian qian's hse there, near Gek Poh. Kel veri dao mei, keep getting hit by the ball and his nose even got cut by his specs bcos the ball rebound and hit his face... he also slid on the floor and "burnt" his knee. Sad for him. I also twisted my ankle bcos of Yoke Wei's couz aka, one of the sec 1 or 2s. Just minutes ago, i finished making 2 more themes for hp. One is D.Gray Man and the other is Angel Diary. Not bad larh. Well, gtg. My mum's gonna kill me if she finds out im still awake :P

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12:45 AM
Saturday, July 18, 2009

Waaaahhh....Todae sooo suang!! Played wif some sand-like thingy that is made out of rice flour. Got some of it flung into my face by KELVIN LIM (aka, the roasted chicken). Borrowed a book from Jan. Tink its tragedy. Im sooo dead if it is, cos i'll cry like some mad asshole. Hope can play basketball tomoro...IF KELVIN REMEMBERS TO BRING THE BALL....Haven copy ss notes...gonna kanna scolding lah...feel damn bored...oh yeah, i think im gonna go play facebook again.Well, gtg. Zhanei!

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3:35 PM
Thursday, July 9, 2009

I feel really happy now. I dunno. Maybe cos i finally rested? hahas. I think i'm gonna make a scanlating group wif Kok Yin and others (not confirmed cos they should be from our sec sch.) called Dark Lykanx. We're most likely gonna be a sister group with Black Lilac. I hope it will go well. Shucks, my mood's going done again. Haiz... I restricted myself from reading manga already...OH YA, now it's my BRO's turn to be addicted!!! hahahahahahas!!!! Have a taste of the MANGA ADDICTION!!! lol. Sorry, just wanted to say that. Damnit. I think i'm gonna cry during graduation. Even now i'm feeling sad just thinking about it. Hmm, I just realized that my post is completely random XD Well, I hope that I will meet you 6H people (of course, 6G and I are included. Just not as much as H :X) in the near future, even if we go to different schs!

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8:35 PM
Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Today I played basketball again. Had loads of fun. Bruised myself bcos of a fall. Now my leg's bleeding and it hurts alot. Haiz. Hope i get to play tomoro. A little disappointed about an incident but who could blame him? He was trying to defend his fren so i have nothing to say. I would hav done the same thing if he was my gd fren. Well, i'm not in the mood right now so i'll just leave it at that. Bye.

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1:10 PM
Wednesday, July 1, 2009