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Yay! I pierced my ears! so happy~ hahas. Like, FINALLY. It was not as pain for the first shot as the second shot. BUT STILL, they were painful. lol. Luckily I managed to resist the pain and get it over and done with :D :D:D hahas, shit. Bro scolding liao. gtg, Zhanei!

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11:27 PM
Saturday, October 31, 2009

Please go to My Stories Website and check the updates :D Thank yous ~

My Stories

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9:22 PM
Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Just played Facebook.
Talked to Jian Yan.
Keep pestering him about his gf.
Finally got him to tell me :D but in exchange must tell him who i like =.=
Too bad I told him my last time one.
Counted rite? Lol.
After that, he ask me whether wan him to help me find jap name.
I say okay lor.
Then he go find.
After a while, he told me my jap name in full, is Tsukimaya Fugunaga.
If just Fang Ting, then is Akane Inoguchi.
Hahas. So diff.
Getting nagged at.
By.......MY BRO =.=
Kk, gtg.
Wanna watch Katekyoshi Hitman Reborn!

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1:21 PM
Sunday, October 25, 2009

Wahhhh.... I siao liao.... I last night slept at 5.25 am.... hahaha XD But it was worth it. Talked to someone on the phone from 12 am till around 2 am. haha. Coloured a pic and I think it's quite good XD XD

Here's the pic:

It's Toshi from FIVE. I LOVE the manga!!! Even though the art may not be sufficient to some ppl's standards, it's a GREAT read. Try it, and you'll noe what I mean :D

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6:30 PM
Saturday, October 17, 2009

OMG! The mathematicz PSLE paper damn hard sia! Even Sean Phang dying leh. I 4 questions nvr do....sad sia!!! I even cried after the 1st paper.....haiz....aiya, no point crying over spilt milk....work hard in the other subjects lor...at least I came back after a war with Chinese liao [I meant the exam. Not the race.] AHHH. Thx to those who cheered me up :D I'll list your names:
  • Tan Wei Jie
  • Sherman
  • Jin Qian
  • Kelvin Lim
  • Wayne
  • Jovin (?)
  • Kok Yin
  • Sze-G
  • Wan Ting
  • Si Hui
  • Nicole :D
  • Jie Jie Hui Hui [Couz] :D
Okay, for Jie Jie Hui Hui, you indirectly cheered me up XD hahas. Actually, frankly speaking, the guys cheered me up more than the gals XD XD XD NO OFFENCE!!!!!
LOL. Erm... I'll post a coloured pic later to tell about my mood :D

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10:21 AM
Saturday, October 10, 2009

Here's another one. It's dedicated to Kok Yin XD :

Lol. Erm, if you've got any nice pics you wan me to colour or something, feel free to tell me~~~ I really like to do this XD

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2:24 PM
Monday, October 5, 2009

Yay :D My couz teach me how to colour manga pages ^^ I'm so happy !!!! :D :D :D hahas. Coloured 2 different pages from different mangas liao XD

Here's the nicer one :

Here's the second one :
I added the sign at the corner and the speech bubble cos it looked plain at first.

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3:37 PM
Sunday, October 4, 2009

Hiies~ Today is a Sat! My Sat = Tired like shit ^^ LOL. Damn tired cos always got tuition class. Chinese tuition to be exact. 4.30 to 6 pm.... After that, I went to my grandma hse to celebrate Mooncake Festival :D The cakes were yummy! :D :D I ate quite a few :X hahas. Suppose to go to Pei Sha's hse and celebrate with WT, SH and Pei Sha's family (including her of course!) Too bad I had to go to my grandma's hse cos she eh... rank higher mah. LOL. Soooo sorry Pei Sha!!!! >.< I giv you mooncake on Monday as compensation okay? hahas. Overall, today wasn't so bad cos i discuss manga wif my couz :D It was filled with stuff about GuyXGuy relationships so we laugh like shit XD Oh shit. My bro wanna use now. So sad to leave you all but.... I have to part. Adieu~

[LOL. That was kinda disgusting XD.... Here's the real msg : Bye Minna!]

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11:15 PM
Saturday, October 3, 2009