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As all my classmates know, Im sleeping in class these few days -.-'' The reason is that I am thinking about lots of stuff ( Kelvin, Kenric and other perverted-minded people that i know, please do not jump to the conclusion that im dreaming about romance okay? I KNOW what you're thinking...) especially about my exam expectations... I really envy people who are so carefree T.T im dying of stress and i cant relax :S BUT. Im gonna try and live on with this pressurised life :) *Drops to the ground and faints because of sudden realisation that another expectation has been created*

Just kidding :P

Okay. Back to my post, im playing my DS a lot recently cos ive got a dog! Im soooo happy :D its sooo cute and its a Shiba Inu!! (Japanese Dog although i read in a manga that it can be called Shiba Ken...)

And with that, I end my completely-off-topic post :D

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8:04 PM
Thursday, February 19, 2009


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Monday, February 9, 2009

combined forces XD

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7:06 PM

i got punched XP

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7:03 PM

slower sweety =.=&quot;

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7:02 PM

Me and my couzinz :D

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6:59 PM

Kyoko In A Yukata :D

Now im currently watching Kuroshitsuji...hoping for romance to blossom soon...Sis got scolded by my dad cos she played the PSP the moment she woke up...oh ya, i reached 100 mangas already :D checkpoint for now cos ive gotta be prepared for PSLE -.- so sianz....Skip Beat! has 134 chapters currently...hoping for the 135th chapter will come out soon...really bored...im writing a book now...currently 6 chapters but gonna reach chapter 7 soon...im not that good in English so its not easy for me...oh. i just remembered. Kok Yin, u can try Hanatsukihime. its a good manga. im recommending this blog to those who like reverse harems (A girl character surrounded by at least 3 guys. the girl character will not necessarily fall for one of the guy characters.)


Speaking of reverse harems, my book is also a reverse harem. Hopefully everyone will like it :D Pictures of the characters will be produced soon...I've got a picture of Ace already :) U wanna see it? sorry but its not to be posted online :P lol. Lastly, I wish everyone a Happy New Year!

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12:00 PM
Sunday, February 1, 2009