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Damn it.
Today fell asleep in class again.
But nvr tio scolded xP
Failed my Chinese, as i expected.
Dun care!
Work harder next time lor :D
Heehee xD
Smiling like myself again ^^
So happy.
Talked to some seniors from my House.
One of them seems to not like me T.T
Nvm bah, i cant expect them to like me without getting to noe me :D
Haha xD
I'm currently TRANSLATING this Jap manga.
Really tedious sia.
2 hours spent on like, 3 pages?
Crazy sia xD
But quite satisfying and fun ^^
I just sneezed then i tried Si Hui's method to make the sneeze softer...
Then now my nose bleeding -.-
Sianzzzzz xD
I have to go stop the bleeding so...
Byes for now xD
(or maybe see you all again soon ;P)

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7:38 PM
Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Now i noe why you're so reluctant to talk to me....
You hate me.
Finally i realised this.
In a way, thank you for giving out the answer.
I should have known even if we were from your own flesh and blood,
there's a chance we'd be hated.
There's no such thing as a parent loving a child no matter what.
I'm sorry I have this personality.
I'm sorry I'm defensive.
I'm sorry I'm not submissive.
I'm really sorry.
If I see that you really can't take my presence here anymore,
I'll leave.
Just promise me....
That you'll all be happy together even if i'm not here.

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10:21 PM
Sunday, April 25, 2010

Seem kinda down nowadays,
but im hanging on ^^
Hope you'll wait for me.
Now, im doing my math hw.
Found out that this topic only comes out for sec 2-3 xD
Ate a piece of that tiny red cake with 3 layers just now :D
In a happy mood ^^
Doing translation for my couz's group too ;D
Super hard sia. Need to change all the kanji to hiragana then read it out loud to understand xD
But it's fun ;D
Okay, gtg do my math.

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2:59 PM

Normally, I wouldnt shed a tear.
I would smile, laugh and be a super cheery person.
But now....
I can't.
Why cant you understand that I'm not that smart?
You can compare me to her all you want,
But in the end, im still me.
If you want such a genius student, THEN GO GET ONE.
Caring to all, what a joke.
You're the most biased person i've ever met.
I can't take it.
I'm breaking down.
Just let me go.
I don't belong there.
A person like me....
Does not belong anywhere there.

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12:32 AM
Saturday, April 24, 2010

I'm falling in.
And falling.
This sweet temptation,
Was too hard to resist.
I couldn't help it,
So this is my retribution.
It hurts.
It burns.
Though it's shining bright out,
It's dark inside.
Can't you see it?
Fragile, yet strong.
Kind, yet cruel.
This is what I am.

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10:16 PM
Thursday, April 22, 2010

Today quite fun.
Did a chemistry test this afternoon.
Spilled a little bit of solvent xD
I think i'll tio penalty sia.
Cos my fringe too long.
Then i never pin up T.T
One of the lab rules is that no fringe must be below your eyebrows.
Then if i tio penalty,
IS minus 25 % LEH!
Then today play bball.
Very fun :D :D :D
Managed to shoot in i think about 4 balls.
Heehee ^^
But hand tio injured in the process xP
Talked to si hui once i reached home.
Had a great time talking to her.
And she's not angry with me anymore!!! :D :D
SO HAPPY!!!!!!!
Heehee :D
Gonna meet her tomoro.
Cant wait ^^
Well, gtg.

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9:18 PM
Wednesday, April 21, 2010

I'm sorry.
I'm really sorry.
I didn't mean to take your place.
I really didn't.
Please don't hate me.
You're one of the most important ppl to me.
Please don't leave me here, stranded.

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10:16 PM
Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Hey all :D
Just came back from bball :D
Played with Kelmond, Shawn, Hong Woon and my bro again.
Except that today, Kelmond's girlfriend came.
Called Meisee.
I think...
We play match for about two rounds, 5 balls each.
Then we saw this guy, average height, walking pacing back and forth at the pavement.
So Kel went to ask if he wanna play.
Then he say yeah.
He must have been waiting for us to ask him xD
Play play play.
Then i found out,
Then whenever he throw the ball, cannot go into the hoop, he say, "MVP must warm up."
Then when i in his team, he keep dun wan pass to me.
Damn pissed off.
He keep looking at me like because i too short, cannot shoot.
When i in opponent team that time, I snatch the ball from him :D :D :D
Play for about another 5 rounds. 7 balls each.
Fun :D
I shoot 3 balls in. All silent/splash. Around the 2 point and 3 point area. 45 degrees.
Heehee ^^
While playing, as usual, Shawn keep doing those moves -.-
Laugh like mad sia.
Well, now drinking Big Gulp. Sharing with my bro.
So suang sia.
After exercise, drink soft drinks.
Very bad combo.
Gtg for now :D

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10:27 AM
Sunday, April 18, 2010

Well, today i slept till 2 PM.
Damn late right?
This is the result of waking up at 4 45 in the MORNING EVERYDAY.
Tired sia.
Played Facebook's Bejeweled Blitz till about 4. (After i showered and brushed my teeth, of course.)
Then my mum nagged at me and my bro to go out and have lunch.
So me and my bro decided to go to Pioneer mall to eat.
After eating egg fried rice with bean sprouts (note that this particular meal is special as it ONLY has egg and bean sprouts in the fried rice.), we went to Mcdonalds to order the stuff that my mum and sis wanted.
My bro damn funny sia.
He thought that if you upsize the drink, that'll cost 50 cents and if you upsize the burger or whatever, it'll cost another 50 cents xD
Make the cashier so confused.
After purchasing the meal,
I went to the McCafe to buy frappe :D :D :D
I bought a Double Chocolate Frappe while my bro got a Caramel Frappe.
Reach home le, then prepare to go Aunt's hse.
Quite fun :D
Leaving for home that time, my friend sms me.
Sms him quite a lot xD
Reach home le still smsing ;P
At home le, then i realised i left my ear phones at my Aunt's hse T.T
Can't listen to music for a while T.T
Saddddd D;

All the men so serious when watching TV xD The twins oso xD Haha.
Note that the other twin is "in between" the kid and the lady. They are my cousin and maternal uncle's wife(basically, their mother.) respectively.

A clearer view xD The kid standing is the older of the twins while the other one who is doing the funny action with his hands is the younger one. So cute sia, the younger one. He's actually telling me that the characters in the show are fighting. The swords were clashing so he pretended that his hands were the swords and smacked them against each other xD So cute!!

OMG! I LOVE CAKES :D :D :D Heehee ^^ Tiny cakes from Attitude. They're so tasty~ The top layer is jelly, the middle is a substance that tastes like cheese while the bottom layer is either peanut butter or peanut. I'm not that sure. But what i do noe is that they are DELISH~

The older of the twins :D He's so cute when he smiles! I should have taken a pic of it xP

My two older cousins :D The one on the left is around 20 while the one on the right is 15. As requested, I had placed a strawberry over her face as i cant seem to blur it nicely. Heehee.

Me and my couz :D Playing with my phone de camera xD

Still playing with the cam xD

And more playing~ Hahaha xD

Haha, my first try on a "Zi lian" pic xD I like it that my hair cover one of my eyes xD It wasn't on purpose actually xD

Well, that's it! Good nightssss :D :D :D

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11:49 PM
Saturday, April 17, 2010

Today meet wif Si Hui and frenz :D
Damn suang.
Laugh lots.
Walk lots.
And talk lots ;D
Heehee ^^
Hope Si Hui cheers up soon too.
Don't be emo ah, Si Hui ;D
Must listen to Bosini.
Be Happy xD

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10:49 PM
Thursday, April 15, 2010

Today was really boring.
Morning assembly i almost late.
Stupid 154.
So slow.
After run to the parade square,
Traffic Light scold me for being drenched in perspiration.
Damn ass lah she.
During assembly,
the head of the PE department announced that one of the seniors from the Canoe Team...
Passed Away.
Sudden Death.
So the whole sch gave him a moment of silence.
For about a minute.
I was like O.O
That type of thing.
So sad sia.
Passed away when he still so young.
Though, I don't noe him.
Well, today I had no lessons.
Cos today is Campaigning Day :D
All those candidates that wanna join the 43rd Senior Student Council will have to give the whole college (school, basically.) a 1 min and 20 sec speech each.
Very tough you noe.
I went to ask them a question, make them speechless xD
"What is your definition of 'Serving the School' ? "
They stun for a while.
But in the end this gay guy managed to answer it.
Although he sounds gay, and moves like a gay, he can speak quite well.
Though i seriously think he's a complete gay xD xD
After the whole thing, we were released at abt 1 30 pm ;D
Damn happy!
Then I go and earn money.
Secretly, of course ;D
Got about $20.
So happy ^^
Go home, shower ,eat dinner.
Do all the stuff that normally we would do after coming home from sch.
Well, that's about it so...
Byes! :D

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10:38 PM
Wednesday, April 14, 2010


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10:54 PM
Monday, April 12, 2010

Dedicated to Si Hui and Sze-G. Though I doubt Sze-G will see this T.T

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9:59 PM
Sunday, April 11, 2010

Hiiiiiii ;D
Today, I went out in the morning wif my bro.
About 7 something like that.
We go near Pioneer mall there play bball.
I play wif 3 sec fours from Nan Hua and 1 sec four from Hua Chong.
Those from Nan Hua are Kelmond, Shawn and my bro.
Hua Chong one is Hong Woon.
Kelmond and Hong Woon play damn pro sia.
Especially Kelmond, who's like, freaking tall O.O
183 cm you noe?
I stand beside him, look like ant sia.
Hong Woon is about 173 like that, but he play got style de.
Shawn is just go around do some pervy moves to distract the players xD
I keep laughing like mad sia.
Had lots of fun.
(Shawn kept pinching my cheeks, though.)
After that, came home.
Died on the sofa.
Suddenly had a super pain headache.
Slp until 12 noon.
Then faster go shower.
Si Hui call me to confirm if i going to sze-g's b'day celebration.
Then i say can go.
About half an hour later, I felt REALLY sick.
Check temperature.
40 degrees.
I was like O.O
Then i go drink cold water.
After a while,
Si Hui call again.
Ask if can go.
Then i say cannot.
Then she pissed off.
I apologise since it is my fault for telling her I could go at first.
After that, I smsed sze-g.
Apologise to her oso.
Finish apologising to everyone already,
then I go lie down a while.
Fell asleep.
Sleep until 4 30.
Felt better.
So go facebook to check got wad homework.
Do like, 2 pages of Math, then feel damn sian.
So go sms ppl.
The person i sms damn cute sia.
He's so honest in his replies xD
Really enjoy talking to him.
Heehee xD
Now still smsing ;P
So tired sia...
Now doing the remainder math hw.
Plus, I still have to memorise an English Poem to recite to the whole class.
My Integrated Humans oso haven do yet xP
Brain gonna explode liao T.T

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7:37 PM

Fucking ass lah that bitch.
Thinks she so pro.
Yeah, my singing sux.
Got a prob wif that?
Still wat, become so stuck up.
Say her singing so much better.
Wanna die rite?
You wan, you say my singing CAN BE IMPROVED LAH.
Don't so impolite leh.
Dun care le.
Let her do what she wants.
She grow up into a bitch, then let her lor.
At most she die when she realises how much of a bitch she is.

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11:56 PM
Saturday, April 10, 2010

Hii ;D
I created this wallpaper for one of my loved mangakas ;D


Haha xD
I really like her works. It's really original ^^
I used Photoshop to crop the images, then i switched the option to "Color" and started colouring ;D
The images used are from Land of the Blindfolded (Bottom two pics.) and Shiro No Keiyaku (Top Left hand corner.)
Alternative name for Land of the Blindfolded is Mekakushi no Kuni.
Alternative name for Shiro No Keiyaku is Shiro's Contract.

Links to read them online :
Shiro no Keiyaku
Land of the Blindfolded

I've got all the volumes for Land of the Blindfolded so if you dun wanna read them online, you can ask me ;D

The pics are copyrighted from Sakura Tsukuba. None of them belong to me.

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5:27 PM

Hey ya'll!
I'm here to update :D
Heehee ^^
Today was a REALLY tiring day.
I mean it.
At first, it was Intergrated Humanities.
I tio scolded by the teacher for being racist xP
I just said that Japanese and Koreans normally have small, tiny eyes.
Okay, maybe that was a little racist.
I apologise to all the Japanese and the Koreans.
Really.Okay, so most of the stuff after that arent that nice to post, so I'll ignore them.
Oh yeah, during lunch, some of us stayed back to draw onto the white board.
Very fun xD
Here's some pics :
This is a pic of Joey's husband/wife. (He/She is bisexual.) Cheryl drew this pic based on Joey's personality. I was the one who gave the character it's identity. It was originally Joey himself, without the ponytail. The ponytail was added by Jeremy xD

The Mr Loh was drawn by ME :D Heehee ^^ Looks like him lor! Next time i take his pic and upload xD For the other guy, the one kissing, it was drawn by Cheryl, our dear JH104 artist. At first she label him as dreaming of kissing sb (somebody.). Then I look at it for a while, then used my itchy hands to edit into Shi Shi, my Chinese Teacher xD HAHAHA. Her full name is Ms Xu Yaoru. Then we at one point of time we say she's like a toilet bowl. Then after a while, my classmate, Geok Xing (called Geok Geok by me ) say we should call her Shi Shi xD It has a dirty meaning, if you link it with the toilet bowl and if you're chinese, it's easier for you to understand. Oh yeah. Her other nickname (Shi Shi's) is Traffic Light xD Cos she always wears this red polka dotted dress. Look like traffic light xD The other reason why I gave her that nickname is cos a lot of drivers get angry when is red light mah. Then whenever we see her we oso bu suang, thus giving her the nickname. Heehee.

This was drawn by me in 5 seconds. Someone drew 2 vertical lines on the board, then i went to add in stuff xD This is Gan Zhao, our classmate from Guangdong, China. He's 15 this year. Looks like a pervert, frankly speaking. I get his pic to let all of you see xD And he's known as The Flasher in our class cos he keeps wearing his black jacket, be it hot or cold. Like he's preparing to flash at you anytime xD

This is drawn by me and Cheryl xD She started the face then i did the eyes and hair. Heehee. It's a pic of Chi Wei (Michael [boy] / Michelle [girl] / Michael Phone [Microphone]) Haha. He's got multiple names xD

Aiya. Majority is me and Cheryl draw de. The other drawings by my other classmates got erased so I couldnt take pics of them. Haizzzz. Today I oso went to Wan Qing Yuan for my Chinese Learning Journey. Very long sia. Spent 1 and a half hours there. It's a memorial museum if im not wrong. I tomorrow then post the pics cos now I very tired le. Wanna slp T.T


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9:48 PM
Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Hope everyone's doing fine :D
Started playing Viva Pinata.
Quite fun ^^ Interesting too.
I wanna download some games into my phone leh.
Damn sian.
If you guys (and gals) noe of any webbies that can download games for free,
I currently have a LG GD580 phone, aka Lolipop.
So if you could, tell me a webbie that has games for this model :D
No use telling me a webbie that provides games that I cant play xD
Anyways, gtg.
I haven do my jian bao yet xD
Buh byezzz~

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5:10 PM
Sunday, April 4, 2010