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Hey Y'all!
Back, with my usual smile :D
Haha, it's great to feel all pumped up and ready to tackle anything :D
Well, today started off quite alright with the usual stuff.
Woke up, went to sch via dad's car, reached sch, talked to frenz in the canteen till 7 20.
Then we go classroom put bags, then go to the parade square for assembly.
Damn sianzzzz cos found out that I had to go HCL Remedial lessons every Thurs, 2-3 pm T.T
HCL = Higher Chinese Language, for those who didnt figure it out.
Go back classroom le, had to take temperature.
I went to borrow Lynn's no bat de.
Then straight away told the teacher my temperature was 36.6 degrees.
Haha xD
Reminds me of pri sch xD
After that we had Eng lesson.
Sad sia, our Eng teacher change T.T
Mrs Jalleh!!!!!!! Boohoo T.T
Then that Sonia take over =.=
Okay lah, truth be told, I don't find her that bad.
Had expected worse :P
But who noes? This is just the first lesson from her.
Maybe she in the future piss me off like siao xD *shrugs*
Haha xD
After Eng, we had Recess.
I skipped recess and decided to stay in class.
But I asked Jana to help me buy a sandwich :D
Recess over, then math.
By then, my eyes damn pain.
Dunno why sia.
Suddenly feel like it damn puffy like that.
And sore too.
So I keep rubbing my eyes and putting my head on the table.
Then my math teacher, Ms Ting, say :
"Fang Ting, you want to go to the washroom to wash your face? It's only 9 30 and you're sleeping already."
I wanted to tell her I wasn't, but you can guess what is the general reaction of a teacher right?
For math, we were starting on the Sec 2 and 3 math questions.
Feel damn tired after that xP
Hell was after that.
Next, was my worst enemy.
Haiz. Dun wanna talk abt it :P
I dun wanna give her attention :P
I'm mean~ Haha xD
Blah blah blah, after a long time, we had GA, aka, General Arts.
Since our first 2 terms were art already, we are gonna have music for the last 2.
We learned how to read the notes and how many beats per respective note.
The day ended after we played games like The Human Entanglement and dunno wat Shape Making game during Leadership Period.
I stayed back to do hw with Ze Hui at the library, and started to go home at 4 20 :D
Reached home abt 6+ like that ;D
So with that, buh byes :D

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9:10 PM
Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Damn it.
I'm gonna cry. All over again.
I held back when I was in the auditorium, cos everyone was looking.
But now...
I can't stand it.
Why can't I just do well?
Why can't I fucking pass that stupid subject?
Of all things, it had to be that.
I improved in the others, all from C+ becoming B/B+.
It was such a bless,
Till I got you, you damn paper.
U. Just a U.
Damn it...
I'm tearing up.
Just die, Shi Shi.
How could you crush my hope, by giving me a 0 for class participation?
Am I such a bad kid?
Why can't you see I'm trying to make you feel better by smiling with you?
Do you think I want to anger you, frustrate you, by not paying attention?
I can't help it.
I can accept the other marks, because I deserve them.
But just that.
Class participation is something I can never fail.
Now I've got to say good bye to JH104,
Just because of you.
You ruined my life, and I'll make sure I ruin yours.
Just wait and see.
You'll regret ever meeting me,
On 19 January 2010...

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8:32 PM
Monday, June 28, 2010

Hey, I forgot to mention this little secret.
Don't tell anyone kay?
I have a skin disease.
I'm infected on both my arms.
It's turning white and scaly.
I assure you, it's not the after-effects of the sunburn.
I have been getting treatment, and I hope I'll be okay before going back to school.
To Jie Jie Hui Hui, I noe you read my blog, and I wan you to keep this a secret.
Dun ask anyone about this.
Dun tell anyone abt this.
Btw, i made this pic when the lights were out :

Sadly, it looks fake T.T I fail at this T.T saded.

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2:41 AM
Sunday, June 27, 2010

I will stay here, only for the sake of drying your flowing tears
As beautiful as the rain letting up, your tears make your heart transparent.

Today as I look out from the top of a hill,
Although the world should be washed over in love,
We have realized we are living in bewilderment.
The soft song of love cannot reach us.

I just wanna protect you, I just wanna protect the days when your face shone, smiling.
I just wanna protect you, enclosed in loneliness, your heart shaken by sadness.
For the rest of my days.

I swear everything, I would risk everything, I would lose everything,
For the one I love, to think of you, to live together with you.

Past softness, we're both cowards.
Even though I'm not skilled at telling my true feelings,
I can speak of great things and works.
Nevertheless, I'm all right...I'm feeling fulfilled.

The two of us, in love, may be separated in a strong wind.
The two of us, in love, will be by each other's sides forever, within our prayers.

I just wanna protect you, I just wanna protect the days when your face shone, smiling .
I just wanna protect you, enclosed in loneliness, your heart shaken by sadness.
I won't forget the wind and trees, the burning sky.
I won't forget the song I loved, the front cover of the picture book I read many times.

I just wanna protect you, I just wanna protect the days when your face shone, smiling .
I just wanna protect you, enclosed in loneliness, your heart shaken by sadness.
I won't forget that high sky, the blue ocean, summer's sunlight.
I won't forget the words we exchanged...I won't forget anything!

A transient rainbow...
I think it must be a bridge to you.

This is the translated text from the song "Tune The Rainbow" by Maaya Sakamoto, a very famous idol in Japan. Thanks to Anime Lyrics for the text.

This song made me cry for the first few times that I listened to it. So, I would like to share it with you. Here's the link :

This is the new version.

This is the original.

This song called "Loop" is good too. It's also by Maaya. For those who watched Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles, you will think that this is familiar. Thats cos this is the first ending of the series.

Traslation :
Hey, while this town is covered by twilight,
The morning sun is shining down somewhere else in this world.
As that flower withers away in your hand,
A little seed probably falls into the ground somewhere.

If the trodden soil is called a path,
Then is shutting my eyes love?

If our star was flat, the two of us wouldn't have met.
We were running without slowing down,
As if from each other. No matter how far apart we are now,
We will surely face each other again in this revolving miracle.

Hey, when the twilight passes from this town,
Take my tears away too.

If a story of words is called a novel,
Then are these words that can't reach it my dream?

Carried by fallen leaves floating in the river that flows without faltering,
Became clouds with the sea and fell with the rain,
I will raise this seed that fell near the distant you.
If only you would notice me from your distant location.

Because our star revolves without stopping,
The sceneries outside the tiny opened window,
And the flower I loved, we will surely face each other again,
In this revolving miracle, in this sprouting season,
We will surely face each other again.
Round and round I go,
Round and round around you.

Kazemachi Jet is nice too :D

Just so you know, she's the voice actress for the following characters :
(SC = Supporting Characters; MC = Main Characters)
  1. .hack// Series - Aura [SC]
  2. Arakawa Under The Bridge - Nino [MC]
  3. Bamboo Blade - Suzuki Rin [SC]
  4. Binbou Shimai Monogatari - Yamada Kyou [MC]
  5. Canaan - Alshaya Alphard [MC]
  6. Cardcaptor Sakura Movie 2: The Sealed Card - Nothing [SC]*
  7. Clover - Suu [MC]
  8. Cobra the Animation - Secret [SC]
  9. D.Gray-man - Fa Lou [SC]
  10. Death Note - Takada Kiyomi [SC]
  11. El Hazard: The Alternative World - Towles Qawoor [MC]
  12. Escaflowne - Kanzaki Hitomi [MC] (Escaflowne: A Girl in Gaea also.)
  13. Evangelion: 2.0 You Can (Not) Advance - Makinami Illustrious Mari [SC]
  14. Final Fantasy VII - Advent Children - Gainsborough Aerith [SC] (In the Jap Ver.)
  15. Kuroshitsuji - Ciel Phantomhive [MC]
  16. Mobile Suit Gundam Seed Destiny - Hawke Lunamaria [MC]
  17. Naruto - Matsuri [SC]
  18. RahXephon - Mishima Reika [MC]
  19. Soul Eater - Makenshi Crona [SC]
And so on... but im lazy :P Haha. Go to MyAnimeList.net to find the others :D
Well, I haven't done my shitty chinese assignment and I only have tomorrow and the day after to do it T.T
But nvm. I'll chiong it :D
Oh shit.
I just went to see his profile.
Can't believe my heart still jumps whenever I think of him...
Talking to him right now...
Can't stop smiling...
Damn. Really hard to forget someone xP
I wish I could just tell him.
But, it's hard...

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9:16 PM
Saturday, June 26, 2010

Life isin't easy.
That's what everyone says.
Yet, if it were so hard,
Why can't everyone cooperate to make it easier?
If you think deeper,
Everyone wouldn't have problems if everyone just agreed on one thing.
This can nvr happen, as there is an obstacle called "Emotions".
Yes, without this "Emotions" , we won't have an interesting life.
But, with this,
We are sacrificing the oppotunity to have a perfect, yet, not so perfect life.
Perfect, is cos we are able to finish things smoothly.
Not so perfect, for it will be a bland and boring process.
Thus, this comes to the ultimate saying.
"Sacrifice One For Another".
This is the sacred rule that applies to every single thing we do.

Now, you might think :
"Why is Fang Ting posting this kind of thing?"
Well, I'm sick and tired of the hardships I'm facing.
Sometimes, I even wonder if there's any reason to suffer so much, but gain nothing.
No Pain No Gain?
See all those who worked their ass off, yet die without anything gained.
Though, I gotta hand it to those ppl who are able to become rich.
But, are you able to say that they did this with effort,
Or luck?
Maybe, they are just lucky to be able to find something that someone else didn't.
That's why it seems so special.
I'm not trying to find a fault in anyone.
I'm just trying to comprehend the complexity of life.
Yes, yes, I'm using Chimnology but please bear with me.
I woke up just to write this, so yeah.
Anyway, I'll just go and cool my head and not think so much.
Or else my brain'll explode.
Bye ^^

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1:14 AM

Me am tired T.T
Still have to do Chinese Book Summary writing, Review, and memorable scene drawing.
And TK Rebus Formation T.T
Whoops. Pretend you didnt see that xD
Today was a DREADFUL DAY.
Morning, I woke up at 7 16.
It seems everyone's alarm clocks weren't working o.o
Okay, so, my dad didn't have time to bring me to sch, so I had to get my own transportation.
So I decided to go to Dunman High straight, since it'll save time.
Though it's at Kallang T.T
So, I took the MRT to Kallang, then took a cab to Dunman.
2 things pissed me during that time.
Haha xD
Anywayyy, the whole event after that was damn tiring.
We ate guai lan food, had guai lan drinks, and so on and so forth.
I tired le, so bye xP

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10:52 PM
Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Okay, so I went to Dunman High in the morning to set-up my grp's booth for the Math Carnival.
Went wif the other teams oso.
Stupid Acne from Terra went -.-
Felt damn pissed.
Once reach there le,
We started sticking the boards here and there.
Blah blah blah.
Then the Terra the form teacher was one of the teacher in charge of the NJC groups.
I was like WTF????
Then when everyone was setting up the booths,
She keep helping out the Terra ppl.
She even told my grp (Me, Jana, Jin Jie, Nicole and Jasmine) that we can't cut into HER grp's space -.-
[Jasmine's a korean. Her korean name's Jeon.]
Bias much?
That pissed me a lot.
But, to remain civilised,
I decided not to say anything.
I could not resist giving her the finger once she turned her back :D
Heehee ^^
After successfully posting up our boards,
The other teacher in charge, called Mrs Sia,
Complimented us for the nice layout.
You'd be smiling in this situation right?
Think she can use us like that?
Fat chance.
Me, Jana and Jin Jie were like, saying how much of a fucktard she is.
We were ALL very pissed.
Okay, let's skip all that,
And come to AFTER setting everything up.
I used Jin Jie's phone to call my mum cos my phone no bat.
Then my mum told me to meet her at Vivo's National Geographic.
I was like, for what?
Then my mum say my couz treating us to movie.
So I was like, okay :D
Then I went there.
First, me, Jana, Jin Jie and Jasmine took a cab to Kallang MRT.
Cost us each $1.60.
Damn cheap ^^
Then we all took the MRT to City Hall.
They went to Newton, whereas I went to HabourFront.
I used the public phone at HabourFront to call my aunt cos my mum said I could meet her oso.
Met up with her and my other relatives.
Then went to watch Shrek Forever After.
Too bad lah, cos my couz didnt noe I watch le.
Watch again lor.
Watch le, then eat Thai food for dinner at Thai Express.
Went home.
Reached at abt 10 ++.
Now damn tired...
Tomoro still have to reach sch by 7 30 for the Carnival...

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10:59 PM
Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Thanks to the reminders,
I forgot to say that I kicked Si Hui in the face when we sliding down,
And that when the guys were playing with the water balloons,
Jia Jun threw the balloon from the 3rd floor to the bbq pit,
Which was at the first floor and it hit Si Hui.
Then Si Hui thought it was Jovin.
So she slapped him.
Haha xD
Funny sia.
After that we give Jojo an ice pack to bring the redness down xD
Haha xD

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12:16 AM

Okay, so to conclude today's events,
I went to Orchard with my sec sch frenz,
Lynn, Alina, Jana and Jolene.
First we met at ION,
Then we moved onto Cineleisure to get the tickets.
We got the student price so it was $6 per ticket :D
Haha xD
After getting the tickets,
We went to buy KFC stuff into the Cinema.
I stashed an Ole Ole Box, Alina got Cheese fries, Milo and Popcorn Chicken.
Jana got an Ultimate Value Box if im not wrong ^^
Jolene said she just wanted popcorn, so she decided to go and buy them at the cinema.
The movie was nice :D
Cried at some parts, laughed like hell at the others :D
Haha, recommended ^^
Finish movie at abt 2 cos we watched the 11 40 one.
Went to the arcade :D
Played the bball machine with Jana.
Scored 230+ ~ 240+ i think.
Sad T.T
6 more balls in then next stage >.<
Then played DDR.
Started with Dynamite Rave Air Special.
Failed T.T
Very hard to press the keys sia.
Harder than JP de xP
Next was A Geisha's Dream.
Played with Jana.
Then was Dub something Dub.
Played with Jolene.
Then the last song is play wif Jana.
Forgot the song liao xD
Erm, after arcade, we decided to go Far East Plaza.
Walked all the way.
Go there le, then walk walk around.
Saw lots of nice clothes :D
Too bad cannot buy D;
Haiz, nvm nvm :D
Walk le, then eat 'lunch' again.
Lynn and Alina shared a bowl of noodles.
Jana ordered her own one.
I bought Soursop Juice :D
Lynn and Jolene bought Peach Red Tea.
Eat liao, then walk walk a bit more.
Soon, Lynn had to go home D:
When she going le, Alina oso follow.
Then me, Jana and Jolene decided to go Borders.
But then Jana had second thoughts and decided to go home earlier.
So in the end only me and Jolene go Borders.
I bought the book that I really love :D
The one by J.R Ward that I posted previously.
Called Dark Lover :D
Jolene bought a crime triller book.
I didnt see the title.
Both mine and Jolene's books cost $17.07 each.
So after discount from Jolene's membership card,
We just had to divide the total amount by two :D
So easy ^^
Haha :D
Happy Happy :D
But leg pain T.T
Haha :P
Oh yeah, before I went home,
I went to return the slippers that I borrowed from wayne.
Note that I wore his slippers to Orchard too.
So when I returned them, I had no shoes to wear xD
So I ran home barefooted :O
Heehee :D
My foot was black black after that xD
Lols :P

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11:48 PM
Monday, June 21, 2010

Well, I was reading this book by J.R Ward and I particularly like this line by one of the characters :

Welcome to the wonderful world of jealousy, he thought. For the price of admission, you get a splitting headache, a nearly irresistible urge to commit murder, and an inferiority complex.


Haha. I laughed like hell xD
Lol. Super cute sia xD Yeah, this is random, but I couldn't help but share it with y'all. Well, I gtg before my mum catches me :P Bye :D

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1:55 AM

Yo Pals!
I'm back :D
Chalet was freaking funnnnn~
The first day was not as fun as the second day.
But during the first day, I was drunk :P
Ask Sze-G and JunXiang for the story cos I didn't noe what I did.
But based on what they said,
I did the following :
First, we were playing 21.
Then they rule was that the first loser of every round has to drink nearly half a cup of Carlsberg.
The first round's loser was Sandy.
Second was me.
So, after I drank it, I felt dizzy,
But wanted to have more.
After playing a few more rounds,
We all went to the living room to watch a movie.
Then Sze-G said that she suggested to act drunk.
Little did they noe I was REALLY drunk.
Jun Xiang said that I kept kicking him randomly.
Then suddenly I asked if the person on the TV was Jin Qian xD
Haha, it was an old man.
Then Sze-G asked if I was drunk.
I replied : "I'm still sober! See? I still can use such good english!"
I totally didn't noe what I did xD
After that, Sze-G said she was cold, and she wanted long pants, so she asked if I had extra.
I just suddenly stood up, then walked towards Sandy, who was wearing long pants.
And told her to STRIP.
WTF right?
When I heard the story from Sze-G and JX, I was O.O
I didnt do anything to Sandy by the way.
After that, I drank more.
Then went to vomit.
After that tio headache.
Sze-G helped wipe my back :D
Thx Sze-G ^^
Oh yeah, I heard Wayne did something while I was still dizzy.
Ask Sze-G cos I can't rmb.
Ermmm, after that I can't rmb the rest.
Basically, the first day we just had barbeque and drank all night long.
And chatted a little.
Only Jin Qian, Jun Xiang, Jia Jun, Wayne, Jovin, Sandy, Sze-G and me stayed overnight.
We all slept at abt 4 + am on the first night.
Then on the second day,
We split ourselves into 2 groups, inclusive of the Day Time Visitors.
One group go Wild Wild Wet.
The other group go to East Coast.
I at east coast tio sunburn.
Now damn pain T.T
Face, arms and legs all have.
Cycle 28 km sia.
Damn suang :D
After cycle, me, JQ and JX decided to go to wild wild wet wif the gals.
Then we met them then go.
Damn nice.
I keep singing sia.
Together wif Sze-G :D
On one of the rides which only allow 2 ppl per float,
The one where is like Viking Ship like that except is a float that is not connected to anything,
At the start of the ride, I said "Everyday I shock shock, every night I shock --"
Then when we tio push down,
I screamed : "SHOCKKKKK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
Haha xD
This was when I was riding it with Sze-G.
When I riding with Sandy,
We just sit properly,
Then the thing started to slip.
Then the crew man was like : "Shit!"
And his face was O.O
Then we were like sliding down le.
I was like OMGGGGGGGG!!!!!!!!!!!!!
When I was riding it with Si Hui,
I was singing : "Baby, Baby, Baby ---"
Then when tio push down....
Damn funny xD
Seriously damn fun.
Too bad some of the others couldnt go T.T
Especially him :x
I could only get the pics of the bbq.
Photos thanks to Sandy :D
Sandy says sorry for some of them in bad quality.
Here :

From the left, Si Hui, Sze-G then Sandy :D I'm at the back, looking like a gangster xD

Si Hui, Sze-G and Jun Xiang. Cute sia :D I look like a ghost near the bbq pit xD

The Super Chio Bu-s ! I put a dash cos if I write Chio Bus, it will mean pretty bus -.-
From the left, Wan Ting, Yu Ying* (*spelling?) and Si Hui :D

Jovin's hands when he was handling the charcoal xD

Jovin, Me and Wayne :D Black, Purple then Pink. Nice colour combo xD Hahax.

Haha, I suddenly cut in in this pic xD From the left, Kok Yin, Sze-G then Jun Xiang. I'm below.

The cuties! Wan Ting and Sze-G :D Uncooked Satay~


Preparing the food~ Jia Jun was pushing a stick through the chicken wing while Jun Xiang was settling the satay sauce. The others were doing other stuff ;D

The guys who tried to be cool xD Failzzzz xD

Preparation complete!

Ze Hui and me :D I had marshmallow stuck on my lips xD

Marshmallow RAWRRRRR :D

Sakib, the satay man xD Funny pose xD

Rock on! Sze-G, me then Sandy :D

That's all the pics I have,

Say you love me @
11:46 PM
Friday, June 18, 2010

Right now, I'm still awake, waiting for the soccer match between North Korea and Brazil.
Brazil should win this one :D
No offence to the North Korea supporters.
Ultimately, I dunno which should I support, so I won't support any of them.
Except for countries that are raging for war.
Like North Korea -.-
Okay, maybe they're not raging for war, but still,
They fight for no reason.
Anw, I went to meet Jana, Jin Jie, Nicole and Jasmine at NJC there,
Then we went to Jana's hse.
Had to do this Math Carnival Prep stuff.
Tiring sia T.T
(Though we slacked a lot :P)
Lots of stuff happened.
I arm-locked Jin Jie cos he insulted Uruhara!
He's from Bleach, just so you noe.
Hmm, Jana almost fell of her chair,
And her laptop almost slipped off her grip in the process.
Luckily she managed to grab onto it at the last minute xD
We played, worked, played somemore, then went home xD
I'm thinking of opening a blogshop.
Cos I'm in dire need of some cash.
I owe LOTS of ppl money,
And that ain't good xP
Most likely I'll be doing hand-made products,
And selling second-hand goods,
Like books.
Dun worry, cos they're in top condition. :D
Some of them are books that I just bought, but I couldn't stand the story's progression.
That's why I wanna sell em.
Just like today, cos I bought this book from Bukit Timah Plaza.
I didnt noe it was a sad ending -.-
I HATE sad endings,
Cos it makes me CRY
Which is BAD
Well, I ain't got much to rant abt, so, I'll stop here :D
Byes ^^

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1:54 AM
Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Here's the video for yesterday :

Haha, hope you enjoy ;D

Say you love me @
5:12 PM
Sunday, June 13, 2010

Hope everyone's still alive ;D
I totally died :P
I haven't started on my holiday hw yet xD
And I'm still playing :P
We still have to write a chinese book review.
Now, I'm in my couz's hse.
Staying over for 3 days and 2 nights ;D
Reason is to see my aunt make dumplings.
But actually, I just wanna go and stay there xD
Heehee ^^
Stay at home damn boring mahhh :P
Coloured my nails puuuurrrrrpleeeeee btw ;D
With the help of my couz :D
Hate the green hse in my sch.
They damn stuck up sia.
Like they pro like that.
Yeah, they're class scored first in the lvl,
But if your attitude is like shit,
What's the use?
In life, you're gonna suffer like fuck.
Whoops. Sorry xD
Can't stop using it.
Can't stand the use of my language?
Then kindly leave :D
New topic, new topic time!
Hmm, famous topic...
Haha, lots of you like this right?
Erm, well, for now,
I ain't interested in anyone.
Yeah, I'm trying to stop these annoying weird feelings from popping here and there.
You might find me weird but,
Sometimes, I just think :
"Why the hell did I react like this in the first place?"
It sucks to feel this way sometimes.
Boohoo :P
I'm trying to forget him too.
So that I won't hurt him.

I think, maybe it's for the best.
Unless he tells me not to...
Yeah, that's my status for now xD
Ermm, I just made a Video Log , So I hope you enjoy it :D
AND, yeah, it's freaking funny xD

Okay, so the upload takes freaking long, so i'll do that tomoro.
Nights for today :D
Byes ^^

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1:07 AM

Heyz ;D
Woke up at 6 30 at first,
Then fell asleep again till 8 30.
Then decided to go play basketball with my bro and his frenz.
Lots and lots of fun sia!
Haha ;D
Managed to snatch at least 5 times in one match.
My bro couldnt play cos he mega sprained his ankle 0.0
First match was 11-2.
Second one i not sure xD
But we win again :P
4 v 4.
Veryyyy fun :D
After play until abt 10 30,
I walk to West Grove to help the robotix club.
Move all the stuff from the first lvl to the fourth xO
Damn tiring.
Finish with the moving le,
I realised my phone bat flat.
So i borrow my junior's phone to call home.
No one pick up.
Then I called my bro.
He didnt pick up.
Damn sianzz.
Then, I realized an even bigger prob.
I didnt take my keys -.-
So, I had no choice but to find my bro.
I used Mr Nadzri's phone to find my bro's fren the no.
Then I called him.
The person who picked it sounded like a man. (But it was actually a woman xD)
Found out that my bro's fren (Daniel) changed his number, but managed to get the new one.
Couldnt take a bus cos I didnt have money with me.
So, Daniel had to go all the way from his hse to pick me and bring me to Shawn's hse,
Cos my bro's there at that time -.-
Shawn's another one of my bro's frenz, in case you dont noe.
While walking there, Daniel asked me whether I had my lunch.
Then I said no, cos i didnt have any money wif me.
After a few minutes walking , when we were passing by Mac at pioneer mall,
He said he wanted to buy something for his mum/sis i think.
So I said okay :D
Guess wat happened?
After he bought the food,
While crossing the road,
He passed me the food and asked told me to eat it.
I was O.O
Then he said "faster take!"
But I was still O.O - ing.
Haha xD
For the whole journey, he kept rushing me to eat finish the food before my bro saw it.
We even had to stop in front of Shawn's hse and he waited till I finished the fries before going in.
Well, I tried paying him back, but no matter wat he still didnt want to take it -.-
After everything, me and my bro went home, and we're freaking tired x.x
That's about it for today, so byes ;D

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7:47 PM
Thursday, June 10, 2010

I talked to Geok Geok last night,
And managed to fix my blog after listening to her advice,
Which is to play around with the code xD
I managed to fix it already,
So guess how to find out the info in the little gap :D
Note that even if you figured it out, pls dont tell the others as they might not :P
Byes for now :D

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2:05 AM
Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Yoz :D
Today had a boring start, but a fun afternoon :D
I went to sch in the morning,
Just to hand in a stupid chinese compo book -.-
Damn sianzzz.
Cos during the Ju xu wen test,
I didnt bring my book mah.
Then I use foolscap.
After a few days ,
My class chairman use class relay to sms us.
Tell us that those who didnt hand in the books wont be able to see our results when sch reopens.
When I received the message ,
I was like : FUCK. Have to spend at least 3 hours going to and come back from sch sia T.T
So mean - A -
After spending about half an hour finding that teacher's letter tray,
I gave up.
In the end, I had to ask a gal from another class where the letter tray was.
After the ordeal,
I took a bus to Jurong Point.
Waited for Si Hui so that we could discuss the chalet thing.
Then I felt really bored so I decided to take the MRT to Bukit Gombak.
Meet her there.
I reached there at 10 15.
Met up with Si Hui at abt 11 45.
Or was it later a bit?
I not sure le xD
But don't worry Si Hui!
I'm okay waitin for you ^^
Talked with her and her fren .
When reach Boon Lay le,
I going to tap out that time,
Then the machine say I overstay T.T
Then I thought I would be stuck there sia.
Si Hui and her fren already tap out mah.
Then Si Hui tell me go to the ticketing office to ask them fix.
Then in the end I had to pay $2 as compensation fee T.T
Didnt noe sia.
After reach Si Hui hse,
Talk talk to her fren on the phone.
Asked a lot of questions xD
Finish talking le, then found out quite late le.
So I run back home before it rained.
And here I am :D
Haha :D

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5:08 PM
Friday, June 4, 2010

JUMP! :D From Marina Barrage Trip 2010 :D Actually there's another pic of us jumping and our skirts flipped xD It was sooo obscene. Plus, the teacher who took this for us was a male! xD

More Marina Barrage Photos coming up. For now, I'll just go and have a little rest. My forehead's bleeding, and I cant stop it. xD

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4:54 PM
Thursday, June 3, 2010