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Well, Im feeling disappointed with the ending for the anime cos they(the characterds) didn't actually have a proper 'conclusion'... The main character called Yuuki(it's not a typo error) just said to Zero : " I'll be waiting." or somewhere on those lines. And just before she said that, Zero said : " I'll have to kill you someday. " and again, somewhere on those lines. (I'm not very sure what they said cos I watched it quite some time ago.) Now, im slacking from my homework and gonna go read somemore manga. Zhanei!

FYI, im gonna start playing trickster again XD!!

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10:30 AM
Sunday, March 15, 2009

HIHI! Today's special cos it's me and my bro's B'DAY!!!!! So happy!! (But later got tuition...so sianz...) Oh yeah, thx to everyone for giving me such nice gifts!!! I'm REALLY HAPPY!! And, of course, thx again to everyone for coming to my party! Really Arigato Gouzaimasu!

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3:39 PM
Saturday, March 14, 2009

Whooohooo!! my couzin said that she would teach me how to make blog skins and themes! im sooo happy!!! And im gonna go check out comics connection to see if there are any nice posters :D

Oh yeah, for those who are invited to my party, its on 8th March, Sunday from 11 30 am to 6 pm. But u can choose to stay till a later time ^^ The party can also celebrate our end-of-CA1-examination. lols. Im gonna distribute the invitation cards on Monday :)

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1:34 AM
Sunday, March 1, 2009