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Hey :) Today, I had a fun time with Jamie, Aman and Jeremy who are in my science grp for the proj.
We managed to get a productive result and we didn't even fight for the whole proj!
This is definitely my dream grp. We even joked about each other and had fun along the way.
Kays, so I forgot to mention in my previous post that I met my ex.
It was a gathering between past friends and well, yeah, I saw him. (Like duhhhh.)
Anyhow, it was really awkward. I couldn't even look at his face, knowing that he already has another girlfriend in present time. Surely it's not a great feeling to have.
He even dared to leave halfway, saying that it's cos he had HOMEWORK to do.
I mean like, WTH? You'd rather spend time with your homework than with old friends?
You gotta be kidding me.
Well, Wei Jie asked him how was his girlfriend, and I have to be honest, I was a little jealous.
I wish I had someone like that. Someone who I could receive love and give love to. A guy though, not a girl. I have lots of girls already. Hahaha xD
Onto the next topicccc, after my proj, which was supposed to end at 4, but ended at 430,
I went for bball training. And guess what? It hadn't even started yet.
It was supposed to start at 4, but yeahhh, I dont know why it didn't.
Anywho, I went in 'late' and started on the drills.
I felt really awkward and scared cos I needed to tell Sham that I had to leave at 5, meaning I only trained for half an hour. It'll piss him off for sure.
Well, sure enough, he was pissed. But I guess he was more pissed cos I didn't tell him earlier :/
Aw well.
So, after a dreadful goodbye, I went to prepare to meet with my Aunt, cousinz, and bro.
They told me to meet at Bukit Timah Plaza, so I was like okay, that seems easy to go to.
And my couz even said that since my sch has a lot of buses, I can just take any random bus, and I'll still get there.
Thus, I took the first bus that arrived.
It was a 154, and it wouldn't be reaching the Pei Hwa Presbyterian area.
LUCKILY, I met JJ and Kah Yee on the bus. Hahaha :) Such a lifesaver. :D
JJ walked me all the way to the intersection, and I was hence, saved from flying to who knows where. xD
Met with the others, played pool and ended the day with a Jap dinner :)
Super awesome for the later parts, sucked for getting scolded though :/
Okay...I think that's all for today :) Nights.

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11:52 PM
Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Heyz :) Been a long time since I came back :)
The year's ending and soon, it'll be 2012, the so called Doomsday.
I'm pretty much the same as last year, maybe a little more pervy cos of some ppl xD
I'm trying to live life to the fullest, cos frankly, I don't know whether I have much longer to live.
My breathing's getting worse, I'm getting tired more easily.
I just don't know what to do.
Even if I'm not playing bball, I'd still be panting.
It's abnormal.
I just hope I won't have any regrets, and that I can live till I'm old.
Okay, time to clear the gloomy stuff up :)
I've been elected by the JH3s to be the new Secretary for the JH2s :) !
So happy :D Didn't think I'd get any positions xD Haha :)
I bought 3 books that was on a Value Buy Sale from Harris too :D
Quite a good haul, if I do say so myself :)
Well, gtg. Needa slp cos tomoro's training day :)
Bye :)

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11:13 PM
Sunday, September 4, 2011