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Hihi <3 hahas. Anyways... I created an account in Fanfiction.net and i may posting some stories there and see if my writing skills are recognised :D If the reviews are good, I'll start writing even longer stories ^^ Erm, I'm known as Ayukawa Rin there. Hmm, for the past 3 weeks - 4 weeks, i've been having quite a good time. I went to the Street Fest wif my couz and her fren took some pictures of the ppl cosplaying...Some were cosplaying characters from Naruto and Shugo Chara. There was Bleach, Air Gear, Soul Eater and Inuyasha. OMG rite? although their costumes are correct, you've got to see their FACE. I'm not saying that they are ugly, but their faces just dont suit the characters they are cosplaying as...Well, wat can I say? It's not like i've got the ability to cosplay nicely too :X hahas. Pictures are uploaded in my couz's blog. Under my family section, you just have to click Kah Min. Then there should be some pics in one of the posts. Since theres nothing else to talk about, Zhanei :D!

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10:46 AM
Sunday, June 28, 2009

Yoz minna! I just joined a manga scanlation group that is run by my couz! It's called Black Lilac ! They're doing Teppen! for now but i dunno...my couz says one of the members wants to do doujinshi, yaoi and smut all in one! Explanation of the terms are below. Anyways, once my PSLE ends, my couz says that i can start helping out wif the actual editing and stuff like that. Currently im just a Distributor and sorta like a human relation person. Well, I'm still gonna look forward working together wif the other members of Black Lilac :) !

Explanation time :
Doujinshi - It's fan-art inspired by published anime or manga by professional artists.

Yaoi- Focuses on homoerotic or homoromantic relationships between men. (The stronger term used for Boy X Boy type of love. The milder one is Shounen-ai.)

Smut- Series in this genre contain offensive contents, especially sexually profane materials. (In short, Sex.)

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4:16 PM
Sunday, June 7, 2009

Can You Guess Who The 2 Characters Are?

[This post is meant for yesterday but bcos of some PROBLEMS....I couldn't post.]

Sooo happy!! Played basketball with me frenz and had LOTS of fun!!! After playing at sch, Me and someone walk Jan home but on the way we saw a basketball court then started playing basketball again. We played "horse" first then we played "ABC" after that then we play match. soo fun sia... me and Jan get air ball then keep moving backwards....so sianz -.- In the end, that someone won the game. Did I mention that there's this other guy called Kenn who played GAY? Not the BoyXBoy type of gay but the god-like type of gay. He can shoot good hoops but when playing match, not so. Well, im gonna play basketball "tomoro" so, Zhanei!

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10:38 AM
Thursday, June 4, 2009