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Yo. Quite a while since i posted. hahas. Yesterday my bro use the com very long so i couldn't use. haiz. lol. Became JM on Facebook the Mousehunt. So happy~ hahas. Erm, my couz oso teach me how to 'clean' mangas already and i'm quite gd at it if i do say so myself. LOL. Here's an example of the original and the cleaned one:

Original Page (with Text)

Cleaned Page (without Text)
It wasn't easy but it was loads of fun :D I really enjoy this job XD Although the job's name is 'Cleaner' -.-" As you can see, when the text covers the effect, you have to well, colour back the area and make it look as original as possible. I am able to do this now becos of my couz. Thanks a lot, Jie Jie Min Min ^^

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1:20 PM
Sunday, September 27, 2009

Hahas, I changed my blog skin again :D Lol. Today got tuition....soooo siannnnn......but can buy teenage and bbt.... siiiiii beeiiiii siiiaaannnnnnn..... LOL. I'll stop that XD Erm....i very sleepy sia... wanna go onto my soft bed and ZZZZ....Writing a story about Mr DJ, coming soon :D hahas. Requested by himself. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh i forgot i got tuition hw!!!! I go do now. BB ^^

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2:20 PM
Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Okay. I've cooled down. Phew~ Anyways, if you're wondering why I'm dying, it's cos i have NO IDEA what to write next in my stories. (Basically, a mind-block.) It's pissing me off like some bugger. ARGH! Damn. Gotta think of something fast or else I'm gonna be murdered anytime soon. Oh yeah, sorry to Sherman, Wan Ting and Si Hui. Your blogs are gonna have to wait. My mum's drilling me to do my hw, so I don't hav the time to edit them. REALLY GOMENASAI!!!
Happy thing is, I sucessfully passed my DSA into NJC. [National Junior College] Yes, I noe it's a Junior College but it is taking in Sec 1 s this year. Luckily, the minimum mark to get in if you passed their DSA is 200 only XD Phew again~ Hahas. I hope i can at least get that much O.O lol. Feeling bored now....Oh. I just remembered. I wanna pierce my ears after PSLE so if you want to go pierce too, I don't mind going together :D

Well, that's it for now. Cant think of anything else to write so.... Zhanei :D!

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1:42 AM
Saturday, September 12, 2009