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Homework's a bitch. :P I just had to say it. Because of the damn homework, I can't typeset and edit manga as fast as i used to. The pressure of upcoming tests is also draining my energy. Haiz. I might not be able to withstand the life of studying JC style xP LOL. Still, I'll try my best.

Oh yeah. While I was pissed about my hw, I went to edit my pic that I took not too long ago. Here it is :
Yeah, I noe it's messy.

That's about it for now. Updating the blog once in a while is good enough for me :D Zhanei ^^

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10:21 PM
Thursday, January 28, 2010

Today was the first day of school... At first I was like " Shit. So many girls in my orientation group O.O Gonna have a hard time fitting in XP" that type of thing. Then the teachers were talking and talking and talking and talking and talking and talking etc. etc. Until I fell asleep. Seriously. I was nodding my head up and down until this guy behind me suddenly kick my chair then i shock diao XD Lols. After the talk, most of the ppl who were in the hall went down to canteen to eat. I stayed behind cos I was feeling really sick and moody (wake up so early in the morning mah -.-). Then out of the blue, the girl who was sitting beside me petted me on the shoulder and said "Hi! I'm Xing Ying! What's your name?" Then I was "O.O You talking to me?" (That was utter stupidity XD) Then I introduced myself, but in my monotone voice. But she kept smiling so.......weirdly? :P Hahas. Then she suddenly brought up the subject about Pokemon O.O I was like "Random~" XD XD XD Then from Pokemon to Naruto to Bleach. Haiz. All shounen manga/anime. Saded. Not that I don't like it, of course. I've gotta give her credit for being able to talk to me first when I looked so pissed. After that we go for survey then blah blah blah. Ice breaker games were the last event and we all had a lot of fun. Too bad I'll be shuffling classes (which means there's a chance I won't end up in the same class us the ppl in the orientation group.). It'll be according to the answers in the survey, I heard. Haiz.

I'm also thinking of taking public transport to my school. But it'll take about an hour or so. First I have to go to Boon Lay Bus Interchange, then I can choose to take direct bus to my school, which is 157, 154 or 174. If I don't wanna take as much time, then I have to take MRT to Clementi then take bus from there. I'm not that sure of the bus number after that but i think it's 154 ... So, if you wanna have a chance to see me, you can discuss with me :D I'll be glad to go onto the same bus with someone I know, at the very least XD

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11:15 PM
Monday, January 11, 2010

WTH. I went to WGPS the robotix club to see how they were doing (because I didn't go to my sec sch XD) and I found out that the club was filled with perverts XP There's this girl who kept touching me so intimately that I wanted to punch her -.- Smoothed her hand over my arm and kept keeping her face near mine... Lesbian~ LOL. Too bad i'm not into girls... She still asked me to go over to her side. What I hated the most was the action of her hand =.=" she moved her wrist up and down and fluttered her eyelashes *bleh*

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8:52 PM
Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Okay... I just got scolded by my bro xP sad sad le D; I just asked for his photoshop programme to be installed into my com then he keep pointing to his external harddrive. Then i just say "Huh?" cos at that time i didn't noe wat he meant. Then he shout say: " You retarded is it ?!" Then I went O.O Then I say : "Okay okay. Sorry." and laughed it off (although very awkwardly). LOLs. Haiz...

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6:36 PM
Sunday, January 3, 2010

What I hate the most is ppl who don't noe how to properly wake a person up. Shouting is KINDA acceptable, but KICKING? That's just asking for a knuckle sandwich. Being kicked in the morning is super irritating for me and it's the common trigger to my morning madness. Seriously. I can randomly scold anyone. ANYONE. Even my brother. Not to mention becoming a bloody asshole for the whole day unless something miraculous happens. Haiz...

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12:43 PM
Saturday, January 2, 2010

Hihi minna! I'm currently at my grandma's hse. I just had my dinner and well.... I'm blogging xD Erm, I wanted to share something about my cute little couzinz :D My aunt asked the younger of the twins about which one of them should be canned. Then he hesitated a little before replying say that is should be his ''kor kor'' xD So cute ! And he's just barely over 1 ! Hahas. so cute~

I'll post something later if i have the chance so, wait for me ;D !

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7:43 PM
Friday, January 1, 2010