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I'm finally feeling like Life really ain't about the unfairness, ain't about the depressing times.
You live it the way you want. Live it the way you know it's right for you.
You don't need people telling you what to do.
You don't need people walking up to you, restraining you from going to the place you wanna go.
It's normal to feel depressed. It's normal to feel that life's unfair.
You just have to think that after that time passes, it's not gonna be so bad anymore.
No one is this world is totally hated. You are loved. Somewhere out there, someone loves you.
You just need to find out who. It may take years, it may take forever. But just remember.

That person really does exist.

I'm thinking of how lucky I am to have parents. Both of them.
People out there may not even have the chance to know their birth parents.
Don't covet. Be content.
Divorce, being abandoned, these things may happen to you anytime. You never know.
Treasure the life you have. Don't think that it's always gonna be a bad time.
Yeah, you fight, you argue. But hey, if you didnt, then who would be out there caring for you?
People fight because they acknowledge your existence. Being neglected is worst.
Empathize with the pain of others. You're may not be the unlucky one.
You're definitely not the only one even if you were.
Nothing in this world is going to hold you back.
Dream, and move forward.

Don't. Give. Up.

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10:37 PM
Tuesday, February 8, 2011