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Now, i'm super happy :D
I bought a new laptop today, at IMM. It's a Vaio from Sony. Red in colour, as the others were a little off in design or durability. Hmm, talked to him about it and it seems he was happy too :D Well, nothing much to say now so, Zhanei :D

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7:55 PM
Tuesday, December 29, 2009

I've been quite happy these few days. Seriously. Lots of things happened and I'm even more happy than I ever was before. Lols. Hah. Okay, now onto today's main topic.

I went to school at like 10:15 am (My training started at 9am T.T) but as expected , I didn't get any scolding ;P hahas. Then i trained till it was like 3 something ? Freaking tired. Came back from sch then watch Pokemon wif my sis while eating lunch. Eat liao then shower. Aiya, the basics lah. Then i not purposely fell asleep -.-" Fell asleep till 6 something then i go eat dinner. Eat dinner till 7 30 around there. Now is 8 : 17 pm so yeah. That's about it. Now I'm just cleaning and typesetting a manga chapter. Not too shabby a day, don't you think?

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8:02 PM
Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Happy Birthday Anisah!!!!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! Pictures, Images and Photos

Yes, I noe the pic is of a wedding. But I thought this pic was cute so I'll just put it up :D

happy birthday sissy. Pictures, Images and Photos

Today, I was REALLY happy ^^ There are a lot of reasons.
Well, firstly, I awoke at 7:21 am to find out that he REALLY DID sms me that he was back O.O It was at 1:21 am that I received the message. After I saw the message, my mood brightened up :D Next, was because I went to Si Hui's hse after that to meet her and have a manicure ^^ Lol. Now my nails are blue :D Maybe I'll post a pic of it later :D Hahas. Then , me and Si Hui take 243 to JP and go to the arcade to play DDR. Wahhhhh... Si Hui damn pro sia. I over there stand next to her like noob noob like that xD lol! hahas. After that I call Sherman (or was it he call me?) to tell him to meet at the arcade. A few minutes later, he appeared. Fast sia, he. lol. Then, we 3 go walk walk and find prezzie for Ani. In the end we bought a monkey soft toy :D Buy already we go eat KFC. I TELL YOU. WE LAUGH LIKE HELL OVER THERE. SHERMAN WITH HIS SWINGING CHEESE FRIES AND SI HUI WITH HER HILARIOUS COKE BURPING XD SERIOUSLY FUNNY SIA. STILL HAVE THIS TINY LITTLE BOY STANDING BEHIND SI HUI. HE KEEP LOOKING AT HER THEN I SAY : "Eh Si Hui, I think he fall in love with you le." LOL. Funniest thing of them all is that after i wash finish my hands, i walk back to my seat then the first thing i heard from si hui was "Ku ku". WTF!!! XD XD XD Laugh until I almost spit all my food out sia. hahas. damn fun. After eating, we meet Ani and the others. Watching movie that time, Ky and Sze-G scream , Chen Yi and some other guys talk so loud. Wah, I tell you. A lot of ppl keep saying "shhhh shhhh" LOL. After that we play arcade (again). lol. Then, when everyone go home le, I receive a message from my mum say that I have a choice of eating outside or going home to eat. And since HE was going to eat at JP (note that the 'he' does not refer to my mum.), then I would be STUPID to pass off this chance. Seriously. So I persuaded Jovin and Chen Yi to stay back with me and him to join together and eat dinner. lol . Even though they were just looking at us eat xD. BUT THE BEST THING WAS THAT HE WALKED ME HOME xD I'M SOOO HAPPY ~ he's sooo sweet sia ^^

And that concludes my happy day :D Byes~

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7:15 PM
Saturday, December 5, 2009

Up until now, at this time, 10:47 pm, I'm still waiting for his sms. lol. I hope he'll at least tell me, "Yo. I'm back :D " or something like that -.- .... Dunno lah. Maybe he's thinking that I already slept so he doesn't wanna disturb? Okay, I might be thinking too far xD Haiz. I hope he'll sms me soon... I might wait until 1 am xD I miss him like siao >.<

Frankly speaking, I'm running a 40 degree Celsius fever x.x hahas. but it's alright :D I'll manage somehow ^^

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10:47 PM
Friday, December 4, 2009

I found some ppl doing Para Para dancing and i thought that they danced pretty well ^__^ Watch and you'll noe :D

These guys are cool XD

Look at the guy....

They don't allow me embed the code so i'll just put the url:




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9:31 PM
Tuesday, December 1, 2009

ahhhhhh!! I can't believe myself. I don't even noe whether he has gone there already and I miss him like hell... omg...lol. haiz. I can't think straight at this rate. LOL. dun think that i meant THAT WAY okay. there's a diff. He even got a scolding cos of me...wth. I think i siao le. Like him so much until like that, walao. lol. But surprisingly, i dun hate it. It's been like, 3 years? coming to 4 already some more. lol. ahhhh!!

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Here's some quotes:

Love Poem 11 Pictures, Images and Photos

This suits si hui?

emo poems Pictures, Images and Photos

Yes, there's a prob with the spelling for 'underneath'. lol.

Sad Love Poem Pictures, Images and Photos

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