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I found this manga(on the left) called Orange Planet on the net and its quite nice...Too bad i only read around 3 chapters and then i 'paused' it for now...

Anyway, i found another anime(At the top) thats quite nice and exciting although i think you may need to watch a lot of episodes...i only got the manga pic just so u noe... its called Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles....

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7:37 PM
Friday, April 4, 2008

Today i read Oresama Ouji and the art plus storyline is not bad....my cousin might like it....Anyway, I found an anime that my cousin might like and its called Zero no Tsukaima...its romance, adventure, fantasy and adventure...something like D. Gray Man but more comedy and i guess more romance...the pic is on top. (Although I took it

from the second season...)

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10:34 PM
Thursday, April 3, 2008