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Heyz :)
Yup, I'm still awake xDD
Now eating cup noodles :x
Hahahah xDDD
I went for PT yesterday, okay, technically, 2 days ago since it's midnight now, but, argh, whatever xDD
Just nice, my first PT...
Was running xDD
We run one round, maximum timing 2 min, then rest 1 min, then run again.
Do this 10 times.
Quite shiok, but I managed to do till the 6th round then the other 2 members oso cannot take it liao xP
After training, straight got assembly so have to rush to change.
Then blah blah blah, stuff happened.
Okay, that over, let's talk about 27/8, Friday.
So today was a half day, which means sch ended at 12 30.
Me, Ze Hui, Alina, Kah Yee, Xavier, Chi Wei and Jin Jie went to KAP, aka, King Albert's Park.
Ate at Mac, play play abit there, then me, Ze Hui and Xavier went back to sch.
Wanted to play bball sia.
Too bad the seniors occupy the court :(
Then after Xavier and Ze hui went back first,
I went to the other half of the court which had no hoop, and practiced lay up positioning.
Practice from about 5 to 6.
Then I decided to go liao cos family having dinner at JP.
Have to meet them at Jurong Point at like 7 15.
So yeah, took a bus, reached there, ate, went home.
Nothing much happened along the way.
Now, here's another issue.
As some of you know, there's this guy who kept smsing me last time.
Yeah, Geok Xing's pri classmate, Nicholas Goh.
Nickname, Nick.
For those of you who dont noe, here's the gist of the story.
I met him on FB because of anime and manga.
Then he started chatting with me on FB.
After that, he got my email and phone number.
He started smsing me alot .
At one point of time, he confessed to me.
I panicked, so I told him to wait.
He said okay, with a smiley at the back like this : "Okay :) "
I wanted to reject him, but I didnt noe how.
Then the next day,
He smsed me while I was having class,
Saying : "OMG. Sorry. My stupid younger bro sent that confession! Don't take it seriously! "
Eh... earth to Nick? Primary 4 kids don't write a paragraph long for a confession -.-
Plus, the writing style totally belonged to him -.-
So well , I played along and just said : "Oh. Nvm. "
The next few weeks , we didnt sms or chat on msn at all.
Then he smsed me one day : "I know you dont want to talk to me anymore and I know it's because of that stupid confession my brother sent. I don't blame you. I'm just sorry. "
Well, if you were me, you'd feel bad too right?
So I replied : "Nah, I'm just busy these few days."
Then he said something about Ze Hui telling him is cos I hate him that's why I don't talk to him.
Truth be told, it was exactly that.
But hey, I dont hit a guy when he's down already, do I ?
So I just said that he was thinking too much.
Aha, the next comment he made really stroke a nerve.
He said : "Wth. I don't care anymore. NJC ppl really make a big disruption to my life."
Oh, so he wants to play rough aye? I can totally take him on. So I said :
"Well, I'm sorry to be such a big disruption to your peaceful life. Good Bye. "
So, I think for abt a month since then we didnt talk?
But he still stalks me on FB, and that just totally sucks -.-
Both me and Ze Hui deleted his number xDD (Ze Hui got his number to irritate him. For me :3 )
And just now, about half an hour ago, he sent me this sms :
"You know one thing? I was browsing through my inbox, reading smses as I was bored. And I kinda miss sms-ing you... Wth. This feeling is weird, I just have to tell you, I dont know why..."
Aww, sweet isn't it? NOT.
So for now, I'm ignoring that msg. Damn pissed at these types of cowards.
Oh yeah, btw, anyone who reads this post, dont post anything on FB regarding this.
You can PM me on FB about it, but dont post like :"NICK YOU SUCK " or something like that on the public wall.
Thanks :)
Well, that's about it, so I'll see you guys next time :DDD
Nights ^^

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12:55 AM
Saturday, August 28, 2010

These few days damn stressed out.
Lots of tests.
Then got a lot of criticism oso.
Damn sian.
Just cried yesterday.
Couldn't take it cos I was mugging for 36 hours.
No sleep.
Feel damn tired.
And sick.
Math test was a bitch today too.
Confirm flunk one.
4 pages incomplete, 2 pages blank and 2 pages complete.
Flunk right?
No doubt.
Damn it.
I just want to get a good GPA for once.
I'm not satisfied with a 2.something.
I need a 4.
If I can't get a four soon,
I won't forgive myself.
I will push myself.
Even if I go beyond the limit.

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10:44 PM
Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Today was damn unlucky :(((
Tio molested and kanna new injury T.T
Sadddddddddddddd man :'(
Injury is on my left ankle and my butt :(
I fell down the stairs . Again.
NJC doesnt like meeeeeeeeeeeee *cries*
Haha xDD
Well, the molesting part happened after school.
And, well, it wasn't intentional, so I'll let it slip.
But I still hate the guy anyway xDD
It happened during bball Cafe.
I was getting blocked from him,
Then he want to get the ball.
Guess what?
He just pushed me by the CHEST, and then take the ball -.-
I was shocked man.
Seriously S-H-O-C-K-E-D.
Then when I blocking him,
He'd grab me by the shoulder and just push me away.
Wanna smack his head sia.
Oh yeah, his name is Rick Eng.
He's known to be a delinquent and he already commited violence in NJ before.
He's in class 106 I think.
Haizzz. Heck care liao.
Just wanna go slp and rest my whole body xDD
Damn aching sia xDD
Heehee ^^
Well, nights :))))

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10:59 PM
Friday, August 20, 2010

Hey hey :)
These few days,
I've been helping Anisah.
Giving her frenz some advice.
Regarding...well, girl stuff ^^
No, nothing perv, just some tips on social matters :)
Heehee ^^
Quite fun :))
While I was talking to Ani,
She told me something about this group of ppl.
Called the Illumati.
A group of ppl that support Satan.
Haha, truthfully speaking,
I'm not against them.
I'm a free-thinker, so I find it pretty much okay.
Sadly, for those who think otherwise and like the following ppl,
I have to tell you that,
Beyonce, Lady Gaga , Rihanna , SHINee and Narsha are in this grp.
Yes, the famous pop singers.
Ask Ani for more details.
She was the one who told me about it.
Moving on,
I'm really really hyped up for next week :)
Next week's PE sessions go back to running xDD
Yay! Finally I can train my stamina ^^
That is, if my ankle doesnt get in my way . AGAIN.
I really wanna join bball T.T
Dun care. Once my ankle is well,
I'm going for the PT. :))
PT = Physical Training.
Just watch me! ^^

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11:41 PM
Thursday, August 19, 2010

I like the dance :)
Look damn cool xDD
Focus on Taemin, the one wearing the striped shirt.
He dances the best, in my opinion :))
Heehee ^^

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12:05 AM
Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Oh great.
I sprained my ankle.
Cos of that Goh See Min :(
Arm-lock me by the neck.
Then pull pull pull.
Until I cannot balance properly.
Then BAM! Fall on my ankle :(
Go to Nan Yang Girls' Fun Fair is to have fun right?
In the end I kanna injury.
Now cannot walk straight :'((
Need crawllllllllllllllllll :(
Well, after getting the injury,
I had to sit down and not move around.
So, I stayed at the basketball court.
Then there got this "dunk your frenz" game.
Where your fren will sit on this plank of wood,
Then you throw a ball and hit a round target at the side.
Then your fren will drop into the water.
Quite fun xDD
I sit there, see all the HC guys kanna dunk.
Xavier, Alina, Kah Yee and her fren oso.
Laugh laugh a bit xDD
Then Jolene came.
Alina wanted to go for the Haunted House,
So she and Jolene go and meet Jana to go play.
Haha :)
Then I met Russell sia.
Yeah, my kindergarten friend that Russell.
Then he cut botak le :x
Haha xDD
He cut for the Hair for Hope that event.
After talking abit, he went back home.
About 6 o clock at that time.
Then I go back there sit and watch the dunking somemore.
After Jolene, Alina and Jana came back,
They were talking about how Jolene stepped on one of the girl's hand.
Cos the girl tried to grab her leg, as a ghost should.
I think they went into the Hospital one.
Got another is the Hotel one.
Haha xDD
They still bet that if any of them screamed,
Then they for one whole week cannot eat nugget xDDD
Laugh sia.
Alina screamed "Fuck" instead of "Ahhhh" xDDD
Haha xDD
Well, after that, we all just slack there.
Quite sian after that.
Wait and wait and wait.
Cos I wanna go home with my bro mah.
He oso came to participate in the carnival.
So while waiting, I tried smsing Daniel.
Very fun to diao him sia xDD
Too bad he didnt reply my messages.
So I thought that he busy, cos he was having an NPCC meeting mah.
He told me in the morning when we took the bus.
He NPCC Vice somemore.
Haha xDD
Sit there, do nothing......
Until 7 40 +.
Then Jana, Xavier, Alina and Jolene want to go home.
Just nice my bro oso call me, say meet him at the bus stop.
So yeah, I walk to the bus stop.
Then me, Xavier, Jolene and Jana take one of the bus.
Forgot the number le.
Alina crossed the overhead bridge to take from the other side.
Haha xDD
So yeah, me, my bro, his frenz and Jana stop at opp Coro Plaza there.
Xavier and Jolene went all the way to the MRT interchange sia :(
Sadd for themm :(((
Had dinner at Coro.
Then took 174 home with bro and frenz.
Reach JP then take 242 .
Reach home at 10 + ?
Then I faster shower then on com.
Then saw that Daniel posted something on FB.
Say somthing about him being tired.
Then he ask me what time I left the carnival, cos he looking for me at 8.
Then I say I left at 8 o.o
Like that.
Then talk abit.
Talk talk le,
Then I go slp liao lor :DD
End of story ^^
Kay, now, im gonna slp xDD
Haha xDD
Nights :D

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11:32 PM
Friday, August 13, 2010

Heyy heyyy :)
Found out that Lynn and Amanda are my blog stalkers :)
Muahahaha :DDD
Haha xDD
Thanks :)
Well, here goes my post :
Since the yesterday, I've been taking public transport to sch.
All cos I dun wanna kanna scolded by my dad just cos my bro was 'late'.
Always I kanna oso when I not late one lehhh :(
So I decided take public transport lorr.
Then I go with my bro fren, Daniel.
The sec 4 HC guy.
Haha xDD
Wah, damn tiring you noe.
Have to wake up at 4 am :(
Not fun at all man :(((
Today we had 2 tests also :(
Damnnn siannnnnn.
One English and one Chem+Bio mix.
English was story writing.
We have to write about a character having self-conflict.
And the theme of the story is 'Change'.
I left 4 more words then I write finish sia :(((
So sadddd :'((
I wrote about a girl go for surgery cos her jaw was broken by her boyfriend.
Then she changed from someone with no confidence,
To someone WITH confidence xDD
Haha, typical story.
Heehee ^^
Then for Sci test,
Quite okay... but oso quite hard.
Haha xDD
Tomoro still have TK test siaaaaaa :(
Hope can do well since I like that subject :)
Haha :)
But gotta buck up even more cos im sick now D:
I better go rest now, see whether I'll recover a bit first :)
Bye :DDD

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8:39 PM
Thursday, August 12, 2010

Heeyyyy :D
I cut my hair today :DD
At Gek Poh there.
Now damn thin sia xPPP
Haha xDD
Feel like got no hair like that xDD
I oso went out with my bro's fren to watch movie.
He's sec 4 from Hwa Chong.
We watched Street Dance.
Damn nice.
Beginning and progression was great :D
But ending sucked :PPP
Before watching movie, we played arcade :DD
He bought a new card just cos me and him both dont have.
Then he oso dun wanna share cost -.-
So badd :PP
The games he oso paid :((
Make me feel so badddd.
While we playing shooting games,
He called me noobbb :(
But I won him you noe!!!
Meanieeee D;
Bully me onlyyy :/
After arcade and movie, we both eat dinner at burger kings.
Wah, I confirm fat like mad liao.
Next week gonna run rounds liao, I dont care.
Break leg oso dont care.
I'm serious.
Okay, anyway,
After dinner , we went to take the bus home.
He actually can dont take 193 with me and take the 241 that just came,
But he say : "Aiya, after you tio kidnap. You're such a small kiddo!"
Then I was like -.- and I said : "Aiya, you so buff, make gays wanna rape you."
Haha xDD
So yeah, we took 193.
I stopped i think about 2 or 3 stops earlier.
And patted his head before I alighted.
Then I gave him the 'bleh' face (:P) through the window once I got down.
Haha xDD
He was totally giving me the 'sianz' face xDD
Haha .
Well, that's it for today.
Nights :DDD

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11:16 PM
Sunday, August 8, 2010

My bro found out about my darkest secret.
All thanks to my carelessness.
I knew it was coming,
But I chose to just leave it.
Now I can't seem to be normal around him.
He must find me disgusting now.
I really regret having ever gotten those.
Puberty's just an excuse.
It's all about control.
And I had none.
I am really one bad girl...

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11:05 PM
Saturday, August 7, 2010

So busy with sch nowadays.
No time to update xP
Well, I kinda injured myself,
For the past week xDD
I sprained my ankle cos I was blinded by my love for my wife,
That I didnt see the curb at the Amphitheatre.
So in the end I tripped and sprained it.
Went to a hospital, got an X-Ray.
Had a crack -.-
Damn sadddd T.T
Bball !!!!
Siannnnnn ...
Is that that stupidd Fatass twisted my wrist.
We were arm wrestling.
Then I was winning,
So he go twist twist twist,
Then my arm went down.
Damn pain sia :(((
Lucky thing Naomi won him, even though he twisted hers oso.
She damn strong :)))
Heehee ^^
Quite happy with some of my results too :DD
I scored an A on my Sci test :DD
24/26 :DDDD
Open-ended all correct, only 2 multiple choice wrong .
Not bad for someone who normally fails bah xDD
Haha xDD
Then for my supplementary lessons with Traffic Light,
We (yes, im not the only one having remedials.) did a Si Han abt our sch's sports day.
Traffic Light said that my format and content were very good.
I just need to work on my cuo bie zi and one other thing.
Forgot liao xDD
She gave me a 14.5 / 20.
She said that a 14.5 is very hard to get from her, so it's a great improvement xDD
Should I call that self-praise for herself?
Haha xDDD
Anyways, I was still happy from hearing her say that, so I'll let that pass xDD
Haha xDD
Btw, my class has a blog liao ^^
Here's the link : Class Blog .
Do check it out for some pics that I dont have, or some info abt my class ^^
Well, I'm done here, so toodles! :DDDD

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10:45 PM
Friday, August 6, 2010