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Listening to covers by various artists can really be inspirational you know :)
I've been doing it for the past few weeks.
Feel really relaxed. At peace. Carefree.
Too bad that's only temporarily.
Well, happiness doesn't last forever right?
Haha :)
I've been downloading E-books also :DDD
And as most of you can guess, yes they are romance novels.
I'm not that bad okay! Hahaha xDDD
Well, I better go slp :P
After my mum catch me or something then I'm sooo screwed :X
My sis is slping on my bed btw -.- So I guess I'll be slping on the floor tonight.
And no, I can't share the bed with her.
Firstly, I'm down with the cough and flu.
I am NOT slping together with her if she's like that.
I've had enough of getting hit in the face and the stomach already.
Arghhh :(
Kayyyyssss~ Nights ppl :DDD

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4:13 AM
Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Heyys. It's been an eternity since I updated.
Well, life has been good since my training started.
Losing weight :)
Totally happy abt that :DDD Now just have to improve my skills.
Now that I've seen the match between my seniors and Nanyang gals...
I find that I'm crap compared to them.
No, I'm not beating myself abt this. I have to give myself honest opinions.
And I have. All I need to do now, is improve.
Who's says I can't become like them? No one.
Only I can determine that. Not my couch, not my seniors.
Only me, myself, I.
I've got my right hand dribbling to quite a stable state.
Now's my left hand. I'm trying to learn crossover too.
Though it's kinda hard :X Hahaha xD
Okay, so an update on my LOVE LIFE.
Yes, I know this is your fav topic xDD Hahaha xDD
No, I am not seeing anyone right now, nor do I like anyone from my current sch.
They are all like my buds, not into that relationship kinda thing.
*One thing is cos of my ex, which apparently, I can't seem to forget.*
I even heard from someone who heard from someone else that he likes another girl from his sch.
So yeah, kinda like a BANG. Lol. But if he's happy, then why not?
So...That kinda ends my post :) Byes :D

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12:09 AM
Monday, November 22, 2010

Okaayyyy. So my classmates haven't been pissing me off.
As in, well, you noe who.
Been thinking about him :(
Back to square one mannnn :XX
Jamie even wanted to add him just to ask him if he still liked me xPPP
Was totally against the idea.
Cos I'm scared that he's over it and I'm just digging unpleasent feelings.
Trying hard to forget. Harder now than ever.
Sometimes, I wonder, would it have been better if we didnt break up at all?
But, of course, time cant rewind.
It's all a dream. That's what I think of it to be.
I don't know, seriously.
I'm lost. Again.
I dont know whether I should give it another try, or should I move on?
Hey, he might not even be thinking of me anymore.
Haiz. Stuck in a dilemna again :(

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4:25 AM
Sunday, November 7, 2010