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Heyyy :D
Wed, lots of stuff happened.
Jamie Toh went home earlier cos of abdominal pain. (Yes, i think the spelling is wrong. Sue me.)
Next, I punched Xavier.
After that, I punched Xavier again.
And finally, I punched Xavier again and again^^
Cool right :D
Haha xDDD
We had Track Meet after school.
It was fun, except for the end.
Where we all went home at abt...7? I think.
Heehee ^^
I reached home at 8 20 you noeeee!!!
Damn tired...
Gonna kill the teacher someday.

Extra Note!

This is my 200th post since the creation of the blog! YAY!! :DDDD

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11:22 PM
Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Damn it lah...

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10:14 PM
Sunday, July 25, 2010

Yoooo :DD
Today went to SAFRA for lunch :D
Ate at Jack's Place.
Ordered a Ribeye Steak since it's leaner than Sirloin.
I wanna lose weight mah :x
After lunch, went to JP to look at Ipod Touch and bought some assessments.
Bought 'O' Level Topical Chemistry and Math.
Didnt but an Ipod Touch :'(
Saded :(((
Took bus back, stayed at home the whole day.
Got lots of hw sia, but dun wanna do :PPPPP
I ordered 4 books btw :DDD
Online derhh. (As in , I ordered online xDD)
Oh yeah, I might stop face-booking cos of my studies :((
I have to improve or else my mum wont accept my....wishes.
So yeah, I might leave...
But no worries. I'll still check every now and then ^^
Well, nothing else now, so,

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11:57 PM
Saturday, July 24, 2010

Yo za!
Yeah, I always post a late entry.
Sue me :DD
Hahas, so okay.
Today was quite good.
Total slack day, as I would call it :DDD
I re-did my Oral presentation, got a 25 :DDD
Increased by 2 from my previous score ^^
So quite happy :DDD
Past 2 days didnt slp sia, cos of hw and assignments :(((
Especially the Oral one.
Make me stay up until 2 30 AM x.x
Haha xD
Had thinking today, made me awake.
But Chinese lecture made me fall asleep again xDDD
Ask Gloria xDDD She saw me slping throughout the whole lecture xDD
After school, had bball cafe.
Damn fun :DD
Started off with dribbling.
Then practice layup.
Wah, I suck like shit sia xPPPP
Sianzzz xDDD
After that, play match :DD
I damn happy cos the first shot I silent in.
Is from where you start the ball that area :DD
About 2-3 pointer there, not that sure xDD
Happy happy :DDDD
You can ask Jana, Nicole and Shao Qing they all :DDD
After bball, went home alone :'(
Saded DDD;
Home le, just slack and do the usual stuff :D
That's all, so byeeee ^^

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11:40 PM
Friday, July 23, 2010

Yo guyz .
Had quite a good time today :D
But morning was shit :X
First, that stupid Traffic Light went to pull my earrings.
Damn pain leh.
She was saying that dangling types are not allowed.
Then I look at her, blur tiao.
My earrings are not dangling AT ALL.
They're SMALL rings.
Dunno what's her prob man.
Anyway, moving on.
We had lessons, obviously
First was LA.
Half the class had to present their reports.
And me being the LA rep, had to take the videos of all of them.
For the first 3, I did it standing up.
Then from the 4th onwards, I took my chair to prop my arms onto it xDD
Very hard to hold the camera straight without shaking you noe -.-
Well, after that, we had recess, then Math.
Today is REALLY weird.
For ONCE , I didnt fall asleep during her lesson.
Okay, maybe it's cos she keep calling me out to answer the questions,
But still, I would at least fall asleep for 5 min.
Haha xDD
Next we had the most hated subject in the whole world....
Muahahaha xDDD
But today's lesson wasnt as bad cos I could insult that bastard even more than before xD
Cos it was all the guy's turn to present their book review.
The girls did finish le.
Haha xD
Done with that, we had a session with the Dean.
Basically, he's the head for the academic results of the whole cohort.
After the session, which is called Contact,
We had our General arts (GA) .
This semester is Music cos for Semester 1 it was Art.
Music was boringgg :P But I got to learn a few theory stuff.
Last was Leadership, which was used for Racial Harmony Activities.
The first thing we did was the Rongoli (spelling error i think xP) .
I did it in P6 before :DDD
Haha, so yeah , we made a picture out of the rice powder (i think xD)
I went to touch Xavier's face with my hand that had LOTS of the powder xD
Then his face was like, super colourful xDDD
Haha xDDD
Well, we did lots of stuff with the powder, that's all I can say xD
After Rongoli, we played a game of Charades.
But, though they called it Charades, we were actually playing Taboo.
Haha xDDD
Then the main topic was Food.
Guess what?
The bastard was like : "I'm the King Of Food! So I should be the Describer!"
I was like : "WTF? King Of the Fats more like it -.-"
But I didnt say it out cos Mr Loh was just behind xP
He doesnt like discrimination of others.
And I dont wanna be sent for counselling xP
So yeah, we played, and lost.
But it was okay , since it was kinda fun :DD
After that I went home in my dress that I had worn during P6.
The one that was hand-sewn by my aunt :DDDD
That's pretty much it, so I'll end off here :D
I gotta go do my homework. Fast xDDDD

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7:44 PM
Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Okay, so I started out my day by playing bball.
Went to the pioneer mall there the bball court to meet my bro's frenz.
Bro couldnt play cos of his leg injury, so I went by myself.
Met them, warmed up with a few shots.
Then Kelmond wanted to play with the China guys that were there.
Well, I was okay with it...
Until I had to team up with them.
I was the only one in their team.
My bro's frens were all in the opposing team.
Damn saded.
Felt like a burden sia.
Still, we played.
First game, China lost to Singapore.
Second, China won.
In the second game, I joined my bro's frens.
Then the China guys were a team.
So, okay, they won in the second game.
Then Kelmond was damn pissed, so he ask for rematch.
Then they agree.
We play play play.
Score was 10 - 7.
China leading .
Then one of the guys damn asshole.
He go and say : “看,他们要输了。得下他们又要有复赛。哎哟。”
Translated to Singlish: "See? They gonna lose liao. After later they ask for rematch. Aiyo."
All three of us that were in the team were downright pissed.
So we all played harder.
Making sure they would take their words back.
In the end.
10-11 ^^
After the bball match, I came home myself.
Whole day stay at home.
Lax ^^
Now gonna go do my IH essay number 2 =.="
So, byesss :DDDDD

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8:46 PM
Sunday, July 18, 2010

I totally give up on doing IH le.
Up till now, I'm only at my first sentence.
Okay, make that second.
But still,
This sucks x . x
I suck at writing essays sia xP
Gonna fail at this :O
I wrote crap for my first essay and got a 15/20.
Maybe if I write crap for this too, I'll still be able to get a pass.
I'll just find my way outta this dilemma.
Today was okay, no bball though.
Wanted to play T.T
Oh yeah, I've decided.
I'm gonna join bball next year.
Bad thing is that, because of my asthma, the teacher might not allow x . x
I'm gonna train my stamina anyway.
Show him that I can take it ;DDD
Heehee ^^
Well, hope I can do it ^^
Btw, both teams from Aerius hse qualified for 4x100m dash!
Haha xDDD
They'll do the hse proud, I'm sure of it ;DDDD !!!

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11:49 PM
Thursday, July 15, 2010

Today quite suang ;D
Woke up at 5 something, earlier than 5 15,
Cos of my bro xD
He came shouting in the room, how Holland had lost xD
I was laughing sia, cos he added that he only slept for 4 minutes xDDD
After preparing for sch,
We had lessons, blah blah blah.
Skipping all the lessons cos I have nothing good to talk abt,
Let's talk abt AFTER sch ;DDDD
Firstly, me and Ze Hui wanted to play bball,
In the end, the seniors were using :P
And not just any seniors,
They were the "we dont like them" seniors xP
Haha, so we decided to do some shooting using the netball thing at the track.
Play until we preparing for the Track Meet.
I found out that my HA (House Affiliate) didnt submit my name.
So I join another heat.
Together with the Terra ppl xP
Got a timing of 29 seconds.
Damn sad T.T
So slow sia....
Ze Hui got 16 seconds lehhhh.
She damn pro lah xPPPP
Hahahaha xDDDDD
Nvm bah ;D
At least I gave my all ^^
Well, thats it for now, so byes~

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10:41 PM
Monday, July 12, 2010

Today was superrr funnnn ;DDDDD
Woke up at abt 9 something, then fall asleep again.
Woke at 10 30, then go prepare to fetch my sec sch frenz to come my hse.
11 reached JP.
Ate lunch breakfast with Si Xuan.
Waited for the others.
Found out Jasmine was still at Ang Mo Kio xDDDD
Met Kok Yin at Mac. With her fren.
They going to watch Despicable Me.
So good right?
Hahas xD
After that, Gan Zhao and Shao Qing reached.
We wait for Jasmine.
Wait until abt 1 something I think?
Then we go meet her at the bus interchange.
Take 242 to my hse.
After that, we started practicing for the IH skit.
Ours is abt Taoism.
Damn sianzzzz xDDD
Today not dress rehearsal so dun nid where the hot outfit xD
Haha xD
After we practice pratice very long, I felt damn dizzy xP
But didnt care xDDD
Finsih the whole thing le, the others go home, except for Jasmine.
The others went at abt 4 something? Maybe later xD Cant rmb :X
Jasmine stay until 7 something.
She read Fruits Basket at my hse mah xDDD
I just lend her the book lor xD
After that, my headache worsened.
So I ran home.
Quickly grabbed an ear thermometer thingy.
Found out I had a fever of 38.8 degrees xP
Too bad still have to do my homework sia xP
And still have to re-write out the script x . x
But still okay bah.
Cos today he initiated a conversation with me!
So happy ;DDDDD
Hahas :X
Btw, tomoro is my 100m dash the heats.
Gonna die sia xDDDD
Got stupid fever, after i fail xDDD
Hahas, but I won't give up ^^
Just watch me ;DDDD

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8:58 PM
Sunday, July 11, 2010

She damn good lor.
Everything oso blame on me.
Fuck sia.
She play with me, laugh laugh laugh.
Then when she wet herself,
Then say is my fault cos I play with her, nvr let her go toilet.
Damn her lah.
Then maid come in,
Say why I laugh laugh laugh when my sis got prob.
All I could do was ignore her lor.
After she tio scolded,
Then come into the room say :
"See lah. Cos you play with me."
I was like,
"What's your problem? You want me play with you leh. You good lor, blame everything on me lor. You good. From now on, don't you ever play with me hor. Dun you even dare ask me to play with you."
Then I swished my chair to face my com, totally ignoring her after that.
That aside, it's time to talk abt sch. :

Wah, today damn tired sia.
Fell asleep during math class cos of the Ms Batchi.
The way she teach ah, can make elephants slp in a matter of seconds sia.
Haha xD
Too bad I tio caught :P
She walk all the way to my table sia.
Then I was very obviously sleeping,
Cos my face was facing to the side and my head was on the table xD
Haha, i think on Mon will tio scolded by Ms Ting xP
Lols xD
Play bball match xD
Me, Ze Hui and our PE teacher, Mr Latif, one team.
Then the other team is Jin Jie, Xavier, Joey and Gan Zhao.
3 v 4 . Not bad :D
We totally owned the guys :DDDD
Ze Hui with her support, Mr Latif with his height, and me for defense and snatching ;DDDD
Joey is a total Solo-kia.
Got the ball, then straight away anyhow throw.
Nvr even aim.
His strength oso cannot even reach my lvl lah. (not boasting :P)
He can only shoot ONE POINTER leh.
And sometimes that oso cannot go in sia xD
Snatch from him oso very easy, as long as his stubby arms dont jab you.
He slammed into my jaw, and I could swear I tasted some oil :P
Pain sia, but we still played on.
After PE, we had homeroom and LA.
LA was pretty much the same as always, but today we talked more abt myths and religions.
During this time, Chi Wei created the relilgion called Sushism xD
And the god of this religion is himself, but his name would be Sushiteus (created by me :D) xD
Was fun ;D Talked abt Joey's BUTT HOLE is actually a BLACK HOLE xD
After that, during lunch, Ze Hui, Me, Gloria, Jasmine, Amanda and Jolene go track to run.
Some others oso go but didnt run.
I run the 100m sprint, then run abt 200m with Jin Jie.
Wah, tell you, Gloria crazy sia.
Her 400m damn fast leh. Even though it looks like she jogging only xD
Since only 4 girls can go for the relay, I got out cos compared to the others I was slower xP
So I joining the individual one.
Haha xD
Good luck :D
Today oso stay back after sch to do full dress rehearsal for the IH skit.
I look like a male, my fren said xD
Haha. Which is kinda my objective xD
Hope can do well ;D
Heehee ^^

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10:41 PM
Friday, July 9, 2010

Thursdays, one of THE best days ever :D
Start sch at 8 40, then end sch early oso :D
End at 2 ^^
Btw, my butt still pain from yesterday xP
When we all getting ready to do the longest Kallang Wave, a lot of ppl not ready.
So we sit on the super hot track.
Wah, burn our butts sia.
Haha xD
Okay, so let's go back to talking abt today.
Well, today started off quite well cos I was well, awake xD
Then during the start of sci, I fell asleep for a while.
Lucky I understood that part already xD
Nothing much happened during lesson time.
Oh wait, we played a game during LA (ENG) lesson.
I tried my best to keep objecting whatever Joey tried to find that was at fault in my grp.
Haha, in the end my grp managed to save that point :P
Too bad to the Fatass xD
After sch, me, Shao Qing, Si Xuan, Gan Zhao and Jasmine stayed back to rehearse the IH skit.
I wore an orange wig and a top hat xD
Look damn funny sia.
I try to get a video or pic of it when we performing kay?
Haha xD
And one last thing,
This may seem shocking,
But I'm gonna compete in the 4x100m relay race :D
Yeah, you must be thinking :
"Wah, FangTing so fat can run meh? Crazy ah!"
Yeah, I may be fat, but at least I wanna show others I can do sports properly.
And yes, I might humiliate myself, but I won't noe till I try right?
Haha xD
Well, good luck to me and my team mates ^^

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6:47 PM
Thursday, July 8, 2010

Pics are here~

Lizard! Get off the pavement before someone steps on you! xD

Wah, good lor. Nvr listen to me :( Meanie.

Ze Hui~ Bball R-A-W-K-S!!!!

I wanted to rip Barney and his frenz out then take the car xD HAHA.

Clifford is a perv! Smell my wife's butt -.- Must...Terminate....It....

Geok Xing ! Kill the dog :DDDD

Geox Breathes = Geok Xing Breathes :DDDD


I helping them take the photo :D


That's all for the pics. Sorry for posting so late :P Had no time xD

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9:51 PM
Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Heyyyy :D
Today I went to my friend, Naomi's, hse :D
So fun ^^
Played with her dog called Muffin.
Kinda had problems with it, since it was scared of me.
I too used to playing with male dogs le xD
Haha xD
I want a big male dog!!!! xDDDD
After play at her hse a while, I went to the bball court with Ze Hui.
Note that Naomi's hse is at Somerset xD
Played ABC and match with Ze Hui.
Match was like, total tio owned xD
She tall tall, block me.
The only defense I had was my aggressive counter-block.
Haizzzz xD
After bball, we all decided to go to Great World to have lunch.
We lame lame go and take pics on the kiddy rides xD
For now I only have one pic. Tomoro or something then upload the others xD

Sad that Naomi not in the pic cos she helping us take xP
Eat le, then go back Naomi hse a while.
Then me, Jana, Kah Yee, Jolene and Geok Xing go Kino at Taka to see books.
Jana after take taxi with us to go there, then decided to go home.
Saded lah, waste her money T.T
Kah Yee followed her, so she oso waste her money xP
Shop shop a while, then go home le.
In the end oso nvr buy anything xP
Sad T.T
The going home journey damn tiring sia.
I slept while standing up xD
Hahas xD
Reach home le, still have to do hw xP
Now I doing...
Sianzzz xP

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9:50 PM
Monday, July 5, 2010

Heyyyy :D
I went to Si Hui's concert yesterday :D
She was performing in the Choir :D
I prefer the second half to the first half, though.
I went wif Sze-G and Sandy.
First, we went to JP to slack until nearing the time then we go.
While slacking, we bought stuff :D
I bought something, cannot tell though :P
After walk here and there, we decided to go take bus to RV le.
Sandy say can take 198 and 174, so we checked out 198 first.
The bus JUST left sia.
And damn crowded, so we decided to take 174.
We wait damn long sia.
I told Sze-G that I'll kill someone if another 198 drives away.
What do you noe?
2 more 198 buses go past le.
I almost went to strangle Sze-G xD
Haha xD
Okay, so once we took the bus,
We went to the auditorium, sat down, and waited for the concert to start.
The concert wasn't bad :D
Haha xD
Here's a few pics of the choir :

Yes, my phone has bad resolution. Shorry xD

Haha :D
We played with the camera before the concert started oso.
Sandy shock! haha xD

Group :D

Haha, I thought i using External camera to take Sandy. In the end, it was the internal de xD

Haha, that's all the pics i have, sorry xD
After the concert, me and sze-g went to eat dinner.
Sandy went home first cos her mum told her to.
Me and Sze-G decided to eat at Subway.
Cos we didnt wanna eat fastfood, and we dun wanna spend so much.
I bought Italian BMT while she bought Cold Cut Trio.
Eat le, we walk walk around, slack xD
Called him to like, have fun.
Or should I say, annoy him.
After call him, found out he was busy.
Then decided to hang up.
Felt bad after that T.T
Cos I think he pissed off?
Boo hoo T.T
Anyway, after that, I reach home abt 10 30 like that.
Damn tired le xP
So straight away slp after I showered.
That's abt it.
Except for the part where I kept holding the keychain.
Ask Sze-G for the details xD

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9:28 PM
Sunday, July 4, 2010

I just read what he commented on one of my FB statuses,
And can't help but cry.
However, they're not tears of sadness.
They're tears of happiness.
It may just be me thinking too much,
But, it's enough to know that he dared to type it out.
It's like getting the warm fuzzies in your stomach, that kinda feeling.
Now, I'm smiling, yet tearing up.
Even my bro's saying that I'm crazy :P
Colours, will be my new favourite aspect of life.

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1:08 AM
Saturday, July 3, 2010

Today was really tiring, although there weren't many things to do.
Guess it's cos of the weather that's why :P
Haha xD
I took a pic of the canal at my sch the bridge there.
Look like milk tea sia xD
Haha xD
Anyway, this term we have a new subject.
G&S , also known as, Government and Society.
Damn boring derhhh T.T
Talk about the flag, the pledge, blah blah blah.
Then we have to make a citizen portfolio as our assignment lehh xP
Okay, change of topic.
Erm, to the fucker who's been posting disgusting stuff on my cbox,
Please do everyone a favour, mostly for me,
By scramming to somewhere else and just fuck off :D
I'm being polite here, mind you ^^.
Well, that's about it. So, I'll just end off with the pic :D

Milk Tea :3

Wah, today damn short post sia xD Well, who cares! Haha xD Nights ^^

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9:04 PM
Thursday, July 1, 2010