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WAAAAHHHH!!! today DAMN TIRED!!! This mornin, Mother came into the room, step step onto me then say : "Mei ah, gonna 12 o'clock soon. Qi lai ah!" WALAO. NOT EVEN 10 a.m. YET!!! After that, went to eat dinner wif my aunt, 2 couz, bro, mum and sis. MACDONALDS. OMG. I was like... WTF? didn't you say Mac was unhealthy? then i don't care. Ate my hashbrown with jam...pepper...salt....and honey. well, i only cut a small piece to put all those with honey. when with honey, it becomes... bleh. But wif only jam, pepper and salt, its not half bad :D With breakfast over, I went home to prepare for the interview. Reach NJC liao, go for interview. Damn scary. I soo unlucky sia. Suppose to only have 3 judges, but one of the judge didnt come, so TWO more judges go into the room, making that FOUR judges in the room. Stress sia. Interview over, went to eat lunch. Aunt treat me to Thai food. Not bad lah. After that, go tuition at St. 52 , near Wei Jie and Sandy's tuition there. Actually, only beside XD (Throughout half the tuition lesson [45 mins] I was asleep. Too damn tired...) Tuition done, go back home. Then, reach home, aunt say go play Bowling. I wanted to play mah, so i go. [Tired but still go for the fun of throwing a heavy ball -.-"] Play about 3 rounds without bumper and 1 round wif bumper. My youngest couz there, i think P3, throw the bowling ball backwards. Wah, I shout sooo loud i think the whole bowling alley could hear me. Who wouldnt? Imagine a bowling ball flyin towards you. Confirm shout one. Anyway, the ball didn't hit us. BUT. My oldest couz there, i think 21 or 22 years old, ALSO throw the ball backwards. I went WTF? lols. All in all, I had a fun time. After eating dinner, reached home at around 23 45. Dad not at home cos he go Shanghai for work. Not coming back for a week. hahas. Now gonna 2 am, so suang. Oh yeah. My newest helper with my stories will be my bro's fren, Shawn. He really damn good sia. And thx to Sherm for giving me 2 exercise books! Arigato :D Well, gtg slp now. If mum catches me, you'll see my head rolling on the floor XP

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12:33 AM
Sunday, August 23, 2009

Whoa, I just realized that tomoro is 22 Aug. My dsa to NJC third round!!!! AHHHHH soooo damn nervous....dunno what questions they gonna ask....scared cannot get in....damn.....haiz. I give up getting nervous. I'm gonna rrreeeellllaaaaxxxx~~~ lol.

Oh yeah. HAPPY B'DAY WEI JIE!!!!!!!!!!!!! HOPE ALL YOUR DREAMS COME TRUE!!! [To be wif QL rite?? XD]

So yeah. thats about it. And---I 'm currently playing Hoshizora no Comic Garden. A Jap DS game which involves you aspiring to become a manga-ka. Not bad a game but its in JAPANESE!!!! freaking irritating cos i dun understand a word they say in some parts as those parts have no voice -.- I can only understand when its fully-voiced!!! ARGH. Well, thats all. Thx :D

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4:26 PM
Friday, August 21, 2009

Hihi! Erm...I'll zoom straight to the point.... I NID VOTES!!!!!! okay, that was too straight-forward. Anyway, what i mean is, i nid you all to go to my other blog, My Stories , and vote for the summary/blurb/story you like most. PLEASE HELP!!! I nid to focus on one story for now cos I'M FREAKING TIRED!!!!!! lol. jk. That's only partly the reason. I can't finish any of the stories if I keep doing each of them only half-way, right? So please help T.T Thx lots!

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7:47 PM
Saturday, August 15, 2009

So happy~ my injury gone liao :D but my ankle still sprained.... hahas. Anyways, Happy Birthday Singapore! lol. With that done, I wanna say that I got into the third round of my DSA to NJC. Again, so happy~ lol. wish me luck! hahas. okay, it seems that i'm spamming? hahas. shit, i did it again -.-" Well, thx everyone for your support :D Erm, pls visit my other blog and read the stories that are gonna be posted and gimme your comments, ratings and reviews :D I hope you'll enjoy them ^^ Here's the link : My Stories :D

Im trying to get a comment bar under the post but i forgot how so someone pls teach me T.T hx , jy, jie jie hui hui... ANYONE!!! LOL. okok. thats all for now so...Zhanei :D

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2:05 PM
Sunday, August 9, 2009

I hate Kelvin Lim. Ppl cry then dont nid to extra kia go and say she crybaby wad. So bo liao. If you wanna call someone crybaby then say urself larh. QL only pull your hair abit, then you cry. In addition, SHE's A GIRL. Didnt you say that guys are stronger? U TALK BULLSHIT LAH. I wanted to be nice and ignored the first time you said it. Second time, I just shout at you while you were just in front of me. Third time, I shout across the classroom. THE FOURTH TIME YOU DID IT, IT GOT ON MY NERVES SOOOO MUCH THAT I SLAPPED YOU. SEE? WHEN I GET PISSED OFF, I CAN REALLY BE A BITCH. MUST HAVE HURT RIGHT? I SLAPPED PRETTY HARD, WITH THE SOUND AND ALL. I DONT MIND GETTING SCOLDED IF I CAN HELP MY FREN. YOU DARE PISS ME OFF ONE MORE TIME, YOU ARE NOT GOING TO ESCAPE WITH JUST A SLAP.



whoa, that was refreshing. All that anger has been released. Phew~
k, here's a small vid that i really enjoy. the music is the one i like but the vid itself is not bad :D

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3:05 PM
Thursday, August 6, 2009